Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big Art Event! JUNE 24th

Saturday, June 24th Artist Resource Fair and the Washington Glass School's 5th Anniversary Party!!!

My Studio will be open on June 24th as part of this event. Please stop by to check out my work and look at the new faux finishes that i have.

This event just keeps growing! Here's a chance to get your artwork photographed, discuss what your metal work needs are, and to consult with a art web page designer all in one place! Plus buy lots of totally cool glass!

First, Pete Duvall will be set up to photograph your artwork at a wonderful workshop rate of $20/2-D and $30 3-D (less for digital) just for this day. He has photographed many artists work in the region and seriously does museum quality work. Bring as many pieces as you want!

Next, George Atherton with the Potomac Area Blacksmiths will be there to discuss what metal needs you might have. We have used George on numerous occasions and found him to be very knowledgeable and affordable. If you need metal frames or holders for your glass or artwork..this is your chance.

Also, Arlington Arts Center will have a booth there for "Professional Development and Exhibition Resources". Representatives from the AAC will be on hand to share with you information on regional exhibition opportunities, professional development workshops, and press information.

Finally, Kirk Waldroff, an artist and Web designer (and rock star) will be here to consult with you on improving your web presence or to help you design your pages.

We'll also have lots of glass for to eat.....and great music! Come on down and join us and all the fun! It's our 5th Anniversary......come join us!

Date : June 24th from 1 to 5pm
Tuition : Free to attend!!!
Location : the Mt. Rainier Studio


3708 Wells Ave REAR, MT Rainier, MD 20712

Wells Avenue runs along the train tracks. I am on the other side of the building, on the first floor. You will see a sign that says SCENIC ARTISANS and a Washingtno Glass School banner.

From Rhode Island Avenue,
go SOUTH on 34th (at the traffic circle in Mount Ranier)
take a right on OTIS STREET
You will see a group a white warehouses. I am located between the two that are next to each other.

remember when Indiana Jones shot the guy who threatened him with a sword?

watch this:

scroll to mpeg

Monday, June 12, 2006

adams morgan day, etc...

I've been applying for few shows and festivals lately.

here is the adams morgan day application (PDF)

i've applied to
crafty bastards
the washington crafts show
black rock
arlington arts center.
and the arts on foot deadline is coming up.......

a list of others (Links are PDF's)

new hope arts and crafts festival
arlington arts purchase program
reston arts call for entry

*fingers crossed*

stuff in the gallery

I have updated my gallery on the website. Please check it out here

Most works are for sale. visit Scenic Artisans for my contact information

Thursday, June 08, 2006

today, printmakers gallery and union station.

Today i participated in the brown bag lunch discussion at the Washington Printmakers Gallery. My friend Kirk has a show up and i helped him with his concrete pieces. Plus, he needed some support for the talk, though he did a great job. this link has more info

Afterward i wandered over to Union Station and took some pictures.

today, printmakers gallery and union station.

Today i participated in the brown bag lunch discussion at the Washington Printmakers Gallery. My friend Kirk has a show up and i helped him with his concrete pieces. Plus, he needed some support for the talk, though he did a great job. this link has more info

cafe outside the printmakers gallery.

Afterward i wandered over to Union Station and took some pictures.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

art opening at Black Rock *****TONIGHT*******

From 5-7 tonight there is a reception at Black Rock Arts Center for an exhibit by Michael Enn Sirvet

Inspired by the mysticism of humanity, Michael Enn Sirvet strives to capture the simple in the complex, the complex in the simple. An admitted deconstructionist, he sees a world of endless sensuousness—feelings, colors, shapes, sounds—yet he smirks:

“I’m also simply trying to make some cool things.”


* Take I-270 North
* Take Exit 13B (Middlebrook Rd. West)
* Cross the well-marked Md. Route 118
* After crossing Rt. 118, make first right into shopping center (Century Blvd.)
* Travel for two short blocks and turn left
* BlackRock Center for the Arts will be on your right
* Parking is located behind the facility

Saturday, June 03, 2006

recent experiments

This is using cement and then force drying to produce a cracking effect. My intention is to create a series of works have an archaelogical feel to them. There will be objects embedded in the cement that are representative of feelings and ways of thinking that are buried within us.

These are the "sketches" i'm starting to play with for a series of "concrete paintings". More visual and decorative in content than the previous series, i want to use concrete in a way that is beautiful and colorful. I want to create a series of non objective work.

a recent plaster job

Here is a venetian plaster job i just finished.

a show i went to see: kirk waldroff's "Sancti Insoliti"

last night i went to see Kirk Waldroff's stuff at the Washington Printmakers Gallery

I helped Kirk with his mold for the concrete pieces he has on display, but hadn't yet had a chance to see how they turned out. This show is the reason that Kirk has temporarilly balied on Art Mondays.

There will be a brown bag lunch discussion coming this thursday. i'll say something about mold making and concrete casting.

Kirk chose to do a series of strange saints "Sancti Insoliti". a saint with a dog head. a siamese twin saint with a beer drinking brother. cool work, but its the materials and techniques that i found more exciting that the subject. First, Kirk created a woodcut. He then pulled a print, then made a plate glass print using my favorite technique, "dry relief plaster casting". Lastly kirk ( and I) took a mold of the wood cut and he cast it in concrete. See the piece in the different media was fascinating and hopefully we'll see more of this. I certainly walked away with some ideas for my own work.

I also ran into Julianne of the Capitol Fringe Festival. She described some of the goings on. its going to be very exciting. Kicks off on july 20th with a party at A Venue. From her description its going to be action packed. Keep your schedules open.

Afterwards i went to a pretty large pot luck dinner in my neighborhoodhosted by a recent client of mine. I'm always really shocked by how many creative people i meet in my hood. Designers, architects, chef's, artists, landscape architects, writers, retail design. It was quite nice and i met tons of neighbors i hadnt even seen before.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

public drunkeness and acceptability.

This is a monument to a "derelict" person:

I found it here. apparently its in Oslo.

There are things in motion in my hood to repeal some liquor store licenses
look here

A main concern is loitering, public drunkeness, and litter.

Soon there will be some middle to upper middle class establishments in the hood. here and here.

Surely we will see a lot fewer public parties at the bus stop and outside local liquor stores. These are the types of public drinking that the community at large doesnt want. The established watering holes are by and large accepted. ( some cases excepted)

Can we, or ought we build a memorial to demise of the types of parties that have made this area notorious in the past?

Bronze recliner chairs, anyone?

alleys in dc

check out this flikr slide show by Mike Grass of alleys in dc.

and since your heading to flikr anyway, here's my slideshow of art work