Tuesday, June 14, 2005


i stayed in a cabin near the appalachian trail with some friends this weekend. 5 artists total.
i was asked by one how my work might be different if i lived in the country.. up on mountain, as opposed to being in DC.

i said i didnt think it would be much different.. though it might be larger, and i might use different materials.

thinking about it more, yes, larger indeed.
but it terms of what i am making, i think that its the way i think of life and living that drives my work. not my day to day experiences.

I am inspired day to day on a very different level in the city than in the country.
In DC, in my neighborhood, driving, walking around, i see a vast array of buildings and people that drive me to make more things. there is a creative flow that is more easily tapped inton.

in the country, however, there is more of a power of slowness. of a much larger cylce of change.

i find that i get edgy in the country after too long. i love woods, and waterfalls, rivers, campfires, casualness, but people and the and their motions are what fuels me.