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Want to take a weekend Art Workshop?

I'll be teaching the following classes at the Washington Glass School and Creative Arts Center

Class 626 - Mold Making/ Concrete and Fiberglass Casting

Need a great industrial material to compliment your glass? Try Concrete! Want to learn how to make strong yet lightweight castings? Forton MG, a non-toxic type of fiberglass! In this class we will explore possibilities in flexible mold-making, concrete and fiberglass casting. We will make tiles, proper rubber molds, and play with concrete and fiberglass. You will walk away with a few finished pieces and the knowledge to tackle larger scale work. This is a terrific and easy beginners two-day workshop.
Instructor : Sean Hennessey
Dates and Times : Sat/Sun May 5/6
Tuition : $200 plus $50 materials fee
Class 627 - Color and Concrete

Concrete is not just grey anymore! Blues, reds, greens, sienna! In this class we will make cast concrete tiles and explore the possibilities of coloring and staining concrete. No experience necessary! This is a two-day workshop.
Instructor: Sean Hennesey
Dates and Times : Sat/Sun May 19/20 from noon to 3pm
Tuition : $200 plus $50 materials fee

To register for any classes...please call or e-mail to hold a space and mail a $50 deposit check made out to Washington Glass School. Be sure to include the course number and your phone number with your deposit. This is important to do ASAP as classes tend to fill quickly!

cool design blog

cool craft/art/design blog from a baltimore artisan.


art center on capitol hill?

anyone hear the rumor about the possibility of an art center on capitol hill?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

faux stone work.

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this was a job i did this past summer but hadnt gotten a picture of it.

It was a drywalled vent hood cover over which i created the look of stone.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

small artworks available

I've added a lot of small works to my online SHOP.
I have a number of concrete pieces, small paintings, prints, and mixed media wall reliefs.

here are some examples:

Guardian of Civilization

A Block of Work


Please check it out. I ship everywhere. If you are in the DC area and would like to pick it up in person, please email me.

info @

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intelligent design

Check out this terrific blog about Design.
decor8, damn its good.

Music Is Bulletproof, and what it means to be a man.

A little over a year ago, some friends and i were working on a group art project every monday night at the argonaut on h ne.

Our waiter and cook, a guy that always came out and talked to us and encouraged us in our project was Quile Morales.

One night after work, as he was walking his girlfriend home, Quike was attacked and shot in the face. Its a miracle that he lived.

Quike recovered amazingly fast. His rebound and determination is inspiring.
is an interview with Quike.

“Music is the medicine of the soul” - DJ Key-K

Friday, March 16, 2007

espresso maker

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line drawing.

crafty bastard

the city paper listed me as the craftiest bastard of the week!
look here

they posted an image of a print i made and linked to my etsy shop where i sell some of my smaller works.

All well, fellow mutineers are mentioned.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pieces of future artworks.

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Artomatic, yep.

the registration for this years Artomatic has opened.
have at it

Dont know what Art-O-Matic is?

Event dates
April 13 – May 20, 2007
2121 Crystal Drive
Crystal City, VA
6th floor

Monday, March 05, 2007

playing with some new materials.....

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g fine art

this is an amazingly beautiful show.

go check it out:



February 17 - March 31, 2007
Opening reception: Saturday, February 17, 2007, 6:30-8:30pm

1515 14th St NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005
Hours: Tue - Sat 11 AM - 6 PM

grey gauge

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