Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Scottsdale, Arizona!

Next Monday, March 9th, I'll be giving a slide presentation about my work in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here's the info from the AZ Glass Alliance newsletter.

Presentation by Sean Hennessey
March 9
7:30 PM at Stonegate Clubhouse
11551 E. Mountain View Road

On Monday evening, March 9, at 7:30 PM, Arizona Glass Alliance will proudly sponsor a presentation by Sean Hennessey, one of the leading young artists currently working in glass (and other materials).  Those of you who were on the trip last year to Washington will remember we met Sean, and saw some of his work, at our visit to the Washington Glass School.  Sean is one of the most original and inventive young artists in the glass world today, and his work has been recognized at SOFA and he’s represented in several major collections, both public and private.  Sean is a leading member of the “glass secessionist” movement, which focuses on the next generation of using glass in art, often in combination with other materials, in a way which emphasizes content and narrative as well as craftsmanship and form.

As Sean describes his work:  “The heart of my work is an examination and a suggestion of our identity in a world that places us in a struggle for harmony between our spirituality and our corporeality. My works contain messages of obstacles and of hope, of seeking and of enlightenment. I aim to create works that inspire and remind us of wonders and mysteries we have lost.  My work is a mixed and multimedia combination of glass, concrete, photography, drawing, light, video, paint, found objects, wood and steel. I primarily create wall relief sculptures that are representation and narrative. There is a feel of the past, but with materials and techniques of today.”

An image of one of Sean’s works is shown below, and to see and learn more about him take a look at his website, www.dcsean.com.  You’ll find Sean to be a very interesting and entertaining guy, one whose work is on the short list of people to watch.  The presentation will be held at our normal venue, the Stonegate clubhouse, which is at 11551 E. Mountain View Road in Scottsdale, beginning at 7:30.  For reservations please email fredschomer@cox.net.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Artist's Studio Space Available in Mount Rainier, MD

Otis Street Arts Project is a new art studio space in Mount Rainier, MD. 
Located within the Artists by the Tracks section of Mount Rainier, Otis Street Arts Project offer 10 studios for Artists working in a variety of media. Concrete Floors, Loading Docks, Tall Ceilings, Utility Sink, and a community of professional artists are part of what Otis Street Arts Project has to offer.  There will be space for small and experimental exhibition, performances, guest artist presentations, and group discussions. 

Studios are $400/ month and includes utilities.

Shoot us an email otisstreetartsproject@gmail.com. We’ll show you the space, and the available studios. We are aiming for an April 1st move-in date.
See out Facebook page for more information

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Next Few Months!

I’ve got a huge couple of months coming up.

I just shipped off some work to Circle 6 Gallery in Phoenix for a group show with some fantastic artists working in glass. and organized by one of my favorite artists, Jason Chakravarty.

I doing a presentation at the William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe on March 7

Then driving to Scottsdale, Arizona to speak to the Arizona Glass Alliance on March 9th

Then I’m off to visit some friends in Sedona, and visit Flux Gallery

If you can think of anything I should see in Santa Fe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Jerome, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, or somewhere along the roads in between, please let me know!

I’m also then in San Francisco for almost a week for a wedding. I’ll have a bit of free time, so if you’ve there and have time to meet up, give me a shout. Also, other than Ai Wei Wei at Alcatraz, anything else going on I should see?

When I get back, I’ll finally move into Otis Street Arts Project, and for the first time in a year and a half, actually have the space to really dive into working again! I’m not even sure how i’ve made any work this past year, my space has been so limited (apologies to all my studio mates.. it’s rather embarrassing)

Anyway, then I’m off to an opening at Morgan Contemporary in Pittsburgh, PA for their Teapot Invitational A city and gallery that i love!

Then one of my favorite shows of the year, the International Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries in Michigan. This place does it like no other. 

Then back to the DMV to get ready for a huge blow out open studio on May 9th! This will be part of the regular Gateway Arts District Open Studio’s but we’ll knock it up a bit. I’ll share more details later.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Exhibitions in 2015

Heres a rundown of some of my exhibitions/projects for 2015 so far. 

ArtDC Gallery
I've shown at the ArtDC Gallery a few times. It's run by the DC area artist and arts promoter Jesse Cohen. I met Jesse years ago after he had started artdc.org a web discussion forum and gallery that brought hundreds of DC artists together. I'm still friends with many of the artists I met through that site. ArtDC gallery is in the heart of the arts district in Hyattsville, Maryland, just up the street from my studio. I was fortunate enough to receive the Bowling Pin of Excellence at the the gallery. the PBOE award is just one of the many, fun, creative, and zany projects orchestrated by the super genius and uncategorizable artist Roger Cutler.

#WeTweetArt 3.0
ArtDC Gallery
Saturday January 24th 6-9 PM
5710 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, MD

21st Century Glass Exhibition

I was invited to participate in this exhibit by Steve Durow. A masterful mindful sculptor of glass and steel. check out Steve's work. I think its great. Tim Tate and I went out to Salisbury University last year to give a talk and demo in their Art Department. Steve has really developed a strong sculpture and glass program. 
It's always an honor to exhibit
when someone you respects requests your work. And it's always an honor to exhibit work at a university for students to hopefully be inspired to move forward. 

Opening: February 20th
Salisbury University
109 Fulton Hall
Salisbury, MD

Glass Exhibit in Phoenix
I was invited by my friend and awesome glass artist Jason Chakravarty to exhibit with a number of artists in Phoenix. Jason's absolutely a cool guy and I really love his work, so it sounds like a great opportunity. I'll also be out in Phoenix at the same time giving a talk to the Arizona Glass Alliance. Fun!  I knew of Jason's work from various exhibits and such, but met him in person a few years back at Duncan McClennan Gallery in St Petersburg Florida. He was exhibiting and doing a demo with another great artist and guy Eoin Breadon. It's really warming how connected the glass world is. If you're in the Phoenix area, please come check this out. 

Opening March 1
March 1- May 29
Circle 6 Gallery
1424 East Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

Teapots Invitational

The Teapot Exhibit at Morgan Contemporary is a pretty famous annual exhibit in my circle. A fun assortment of teapots and interpretations of teapots. And it's in Pittsburgh, a city I LOVE. I definitely have a thing for rustbelt cities. and Pittsburgh is great. Churchworks Brewery, The Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum, and of course, the awesome Pittsburgh Glass Center. 
I met Amy Morgan, owner of the gallery at SOFA Chicago last year and was invited to participate after she saw my work. Pretty Exciting!

Opening April 4th
5833 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA

Habatat International Invitational

I'm very excited to again be participating in this crazy fantastic show. If you like art made with glass, this is about the best exhibit I can think of. A wonderful and large gallery filled with glass art made by some of the best artists in the world. AND I'M SHOWING THERE! WHAAAAAAT? I know. It's crazy. This is the same gallery that took me to SOFA Chicago last year. They are also the reason I'll be heading to Santa Fe and Scottsdale this year. Maybe they'll also choose me to go to some other art fairs........ hint hint....... ahem.... hint. This is such a special opening because the festivities are over days, not just an evening with cheese and wine. This gallery DOES IT UP! They organize tours of collectors homes, dinners, and do a wonderful job of creating a gathering of artists, gallarists, and collectors, letting of of us get to know one another.  

43rd Habatat International Invitational.
Vip Preview Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 23-24-25 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Grand Opening 8:00 onSaturday April 25th 
VIP Available
Habatat Gallery
4400 Fernlee Avenue
Royal Oak, MI

Rhythms of Glass

I was invited to participate in this glass survey exhibition by the fabulous artist Liz Mears. It's a pleasure to exhibit in SW Virginia also. I went to high school in that region and began my professional career down in that neck of the woods at the Barter Theatre.  I exhibited in Blacksburg one time, a loooong ass time ago. and a few times in Abingdon Virginia, including the Virginia Highlands Festival. Plus i'll get to go visit the Floyd Country Store

Opening: May 30, 2015.
May 30 to July 25, 2015
Jacksonville Art Center
220 Parkway Lane South, Floyd, VA
Floyd, Va

Other things in the work:

- A collaboration with Dan Van Hoozer, a great mind and great friend, with whom I worked on one of my favorite pieces ever, The Tree Project. We're hoping to put together a piece on love and time in Durham, North Carolina later this year. 

- The Otis Street Arts Project. big big news for me. Lots of stuff to say about this. Many posts forthcoming. Check us out on the facebook.

- I'm hoping to have some work exhibited in Asheville, NC this summer during an annual glass collectors tour. 

- A 2-person exhibit with Laurie Brown at the Washington Glass School.

- An exhibition at the Cafritz Foundation Center in Silver Spring in the fall. Curated by Claudia Rousseau, Ph. D.

- A presentation in Santa Fe to the New Mexico Glass Alliance

- I hope to once again have my work at SOFA Chicago.

- If there's a way, I'd love to have my work down in Miami for Art Basel Week. 

I hope to see you at some of my events. If we've never met, introduce yourself!
And if you have fantastic opportunities, want to commission a piece, want to own a piece, or just want to give me money to help me continue to exist, give me a holler.

May you all have a wonderful 2015!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Throwback Thursday. A piece from 2005

From a Certain Point of View
mixed media
Sean Hennessey

This comes from a series of work that I was creating in 2005, 10 years ago! This piece is in the Wilson Building Collection, The Washington, DC City Hall art collection.

Saturday, January 03, 2015


Happy 2015 Everyone!

Last year was an absolute rollercoaster for me. I bounced around in a few different housing situations, some couch surfing, a tiny bed i didn't actually fit in, and a bit of house sitting. Seeking an apartment in Washington, DC was demoralizing and at the end, pretty much impossible for me. I mostly lived out of my suitcase. I travelled quite a bit. A few trips to San Francisco. 3 or 4 trips to NYC. Detroit. Chicago. Durham. St Augustine. The Outer Banks. Miami. Toronto. Buffalo. Tons of cool places. a bit of work a bit of pleasure. I made and exhibited art. I was in Art Wynwood, and Sofa Chicago. I had a solo show with the best works I've ever created.  I spoke in front of audiences and had a fairly good professional year. But mostly, I was dealing with the fallout of a change in my life made in 2013. I struggled with the end of a marriage, giving up my pets, and losing my house, leaving my neighborhood. Certainly friends and family helped keep my head above water. It helped to separate out for me those that care and those that don't. Many things became clearer in my relationships with others. It was my best year. And my worst year. Bizarre how that can fall into place together. Life is more complicated than describable.  The untangling of things is painful and freeing. I felt both broken and refurbished.

But that's behind me now.
For 2015, I look forward to exciting things.

For starters, I'm moving to Baltimore, Maryland. I was able to get an apartment in an artist building in the Greenmount West neighborhood of Baltimore. I'm very excited to be in a new, but very familiar city, and still close enough to DC where so many of my friends are. The Station North area is full of artists, and Baltimore is a city i've always loved but only know the surface of. My first solo show was in Baltimore! 

Another big thing! With my friend David Mordini, I'm starting Otis Street Arts Project.

I'll have a lot to say about Otis Street Arts Project, as there will be a lot going on with it. but that's to come. we'll start up in February, we hope.  It's in Mount Rainier, MD, just next door to my current studio The Washington Glass School is. It will be in the old Red Dirt Studios space as they move to their new and permanent home in an old fire station.
Anyway, if you have any inclination to help support Otis Street Arts Project financially, we could really use the help, so give me a shout and we'll talk.

Other things going on for me in 2015:
I'll be speaking to a group from the New Mexico Glass Alliance in Santa Fe, NM.
On the same trip, I'll be exhibiting in Phoenix, Arizona and talking to the Arizona Glass Alliance

I have upcoming exhibitions at Salisbury University in Maryland, The Washington Glass School, Habatat Galleries in Michigan, Morgan Contemporary in Pittsburgh, and the Jacksonville Arts Center in Virginia.
Dates and more info and all upcoming events can be seen in the right hand margin.

I'm looking forward to lining up some other projects and hope to travel to Europe and Africa this year as well. *fingers crossed*

My hope is to work toward more exhibitions, find galleries that will take me to art fairs, create public art works, and do more private and commercial commissions.

I think it will be an action packed year.

As always, if you would like a piece a my work or know of great opportunities, please get in touch!

may you have a wonderful year.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Otis Street Arts Project

Wanted: Artists needing space.

Otis Street Arts Project
Sean Hennessey and David Mordini are pleased to announce Otis Street Arts Project. This new initiative will serve as artist studios and a creative incubator for those interested in a dynamic, supportive, and community oriented work environment of professional artists. Situated among other group studios in a light industrial space, including a glass studio, ceramics studios, painters and public artists.
We aim to create an active space open to visitors, guest artists, collaborations, critiques, interactions, and other events.
The space consists of subdivided empty studio areas roughly 11' x 11' with 9.5' ceilings. There is a bathroom, community area, slop sink, and exhibition space that will be used to showcase rotating exhibitions.
The studio has a loading dock and parking.
It is located in Mount Rainier, MD, just over the DC line.
Studios are $400/month each and will be available in February, though the exact move in date is still a bit tentative.
If interested please contact otisstreetartsproject@gmail.com
Include you contact info, website, and give us a sense of what kind of work you want to do in the space.

Please share if you know artists in the DMV that might be interested.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

SOFA expo Chicago 2014

I'm very cised to be exhibiting at this years SOFA Chicago with Habatat Galleries!
She Drowns the World with Her Sorrow
(photo by Pete Duvall)
I first visited SOFA a number of years ago, and noticed Habatat Galleries' insane presence there. A wide variety of glass art. and they certainly had lots of space. My good friend Tim Tate was later picked up by the gallery and graciously introduced them to me, and my work to them. I was picked up by Habatat in 2013 for the International Invitational exhibit and was part of it again earlier this year. This is the first time that they are taking me to one of the big Art Fairs.

I've previously gone to Aqua Art Miami and Art Wynwood with Alida Anderson Project, and am super excited to have an Fair on the schedule this year.

The Fur-suit of Happiness
(photo by Pete Duvall)

I'll be taking works from a few different series, but all glass relief pieces with electrical components. Either LED or Video.

A few of the pieces are from my recent Alice in Wonderland series. I'll have 3 Alice pieces in the booth, all with video elements.

The Possibility
Sharing What is Held Close
Another piece is from my series of works on Locks. The one at the exhibit is Seeing Beyond, which I've written about HERE. I'll also have a piece called Determination, which is a smaller LED lit cast glass piece with a hand holding a spray can.

If you're able to make it to the exhibit, please give me a shout! i'll be there for the entirety of it and will also be giving an informal talk in from of my work at 12:30 on Friday.

SOFA expo Chicago
Festival Hall, Navy Pier 
600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60611
November 6-9th

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Explaining My Work: She Drowns The World With Her Sorrow

Continuing with the Explaining My Work series, I wanted to address a piece from my Alice Revisioned series.

She Drowns the World With Her Sorrow
Glass, Paint, Photo, Found Objects, Video
(Photo by Pete Duvall)

This piece comes from my series based on Alice in Wonderland. It is directly informed by the chapter Pool of Tears. Indirectly, it is informed by personal experiences. It is also a adapted remake of a piece in the original series I created in 2012.
Pool of Tears
(photo by Pete Duvall)
In 2012, I created a series based on the works of Lewis Carroll and exhibited at 410 Goodbuddy Gallery in Washington, DC.  (Here's an interview with the Huffington Post about the exhibit)  I was really happy with my approach to the pieces and my first inclusion of video in my work. I felt that there was still room for more piece in the series but didn't have the right opportunity to continue with it. in 2013 I was contacted by the College of Southern Maryland to Exhibit in their gallery. I waffled a bit on what I would created, considering a series based on the Wizard of Oz, or possibly simply random pieces without a unifying theme. I do like themes though. Earlier this year I settled on remounting the Alice series and knew that based on the size of the space i needed more works. I had in mind pieces that didn't quite work in the original batch, or that i just didn't have the time to complete. Since the original piece, Pool of Tears, was no longer available to exhibit, and I had an idea of how to make it differently, I set about creating/recreating She Drowns the World With Her Sorrow.
When first conceptualizing Pool of Tears, I had imagined a video of eyes crying behind a boat, inside of a room with drapery. The designed morphed a bit and I decided to include a video I had taken while on a kayaking trip on the Susquehanna River. The boat, the oar, little sea creatures stayed with the design.  With the piece being unavailable and the chance to remount the exhibit with additional pieces, I was able to rethink and fine tune my approach. I was certain I wanted to include my original idea for a child crying. I wanted to rethink not just the elements, but what I was trying to convey. I wanted to really think about the self pity aspect and the destructive part of that. And I wanted to make it a warning to myself. The piece is actually quite personal.

I'll talk about the different elements and how they came to be.
On the top section is a flat window pane with the image of a cargo ship. The image came directly from Cargo Ship, a piece from another series, The Luxury of Dreams.

Cargo Ship 
Glass, Paint, Photo

The image is part photo, part drawing, part photoshop. The pane of glass has been painted as well. I wanted to add another ship element to the piece, and a pretty open metaphor of the baggage that we carry with us. The load that weighs us down in the water. but also the things that we're able to transport to others. The Cargo Ship only exists because of the load it can carry. And I really wanted to draw connections to other pieces I've made. To draw a connectedness, to illustrate that these pieces are in the same world I'm connecting.

The main portion of the sculpture is a slump cast window glass pane. I carved the boat out of insulation foam and made a mold of it for the glass casting. The boat is the same boat from Pool of Tears, but this time with more people, and oarless, adrift in the current. but surviving.

The setting for this current is a section of rowhouses along First Street NW in Washington, DC. As with the cargo ship, the image is a photo that has been highly altered with drawings, photoshop, and paint. And was also taken from a piece in The Luxury of Dreams series.

The scenery represents the world around us, and the ramifications of what could be, and is, lost. This was my old neighborhood, a place I was quite found of, and worked tirelessly for through a home renovation, street clean ups, volunteer work, starting an neighborhood blog, and making murals on a few business. It was really the first and only place I've felt "home". The loss of place, even through a necessary direction in my life, holds a profound effect on me. Theres a lot going on in the piece for me. layered and with perhaps a blurred distinction between Alice, Home, The boats, the rising waters, and those in the boat. I think that we are all of those things simultaneously. The piece represents the destructiveness of self pity. It represents survival in the face of destruction and change. It represents the things and people we carry with us. It is a touching and beautiful moment in the book, and I wanted to bring a sense of that to my work, while adding my own world, and vision and viewpoint. For me it holds a warning, and a reminder, and a fear of sadness. It also holds hope and a means to move forward.
Also, as with most of the pieces in my Alice in Wonderland series, there is a hidden image of a rabbit.

What do you think?

Monday, October 13, 2014

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Outer Limit at Middleburg Arts Project in MIddelburg, VA Opens Friday

I''ll be showing at a new gallery in Middleburg, Virginia for the month of October. I'll be showing a mixe of pieces in a group show with artists that i know and love.

Opening Night: Friday October 10th 5-8
Meet The Artists: Saturday October 11th 1-6 PM

4 East Federal Street
Middleburg, Va

Middleburg Arts Project

To make the trek more enticing:

Nearby Restaurants
Nearby Wine Tastings

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Alive Revisioned!

There are only a few more days to see my solo exhibit at the College of Southern Maryland!

Alice Revisioned 
A mixed and multimedia series based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Tony Hungerford Gallery 
 Fine Arts Building 
College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Rd 
La Plata, Md
September 8 – October 3

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Explaining My Work: Seeing Beyond

A continuation of my posts trying to give you a glimpse into why I make what I make, and what I think it means. I wrote about this piece before, but felt I should expand on it.
Seeing Beyond
Glass, Paint, LED


I want to give you a sense of the arch of my feelings toward this imagery. I love locks. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by locks. Padlocks, key locks, combination locks, door locks, they all fascinated me. When I worked in theatre, I was always pleased that we used old fashioned and historic antique locks for trunks and doors and chains. The shapes seemed to tell a story of the preciousness of what it was protection, or the strength which which it did it's job. A lock is a puzzle, for which there is, if you can find the key, an answer.

I began using locks in my paintwork, really for as long as I can remember. When I began working in glass this was an early piece that I used the lock imagery.
Glass, Concrete, Paint
 I was thinking about things that hold us back. The obstacles we face in life, the things we must break free from. With this piece I wanted to lead the viewer toward a psychological understanding of obstacles and titled the piece "Doubt". Our doubt holding us back. I used the imagery for a number of pieces, exploring how to express this idea of locks holding back our growth. This was a suite of 3 pieces which starting with Doubt, also included an outside aid -Path of the Boatman, and a resolution- Both Shores.

My next series included the imagery of Goggles that I've revisited for Seeing Beyond. I first used goggles in science class in school. And for swimming, and I think I even had some for sledding. I used goggles in college when i learned oxyacetylene welding and steel cutting. I even bought a pair of goggle sunglasses back in the 90's when i thought i was a bit cool.  They were at least good for raves and waterslides. 
I created a lot of paintings with figures wearing goggles. a lot of those never made the jump from slides to digital files so may be lost forever... but the image to the left was the first time I used goggles in glass.
It's a retelling of the story of Prometheus. The story of Prometheus has been a huge part of my artwork for a long time and something I've thought about since I first read Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus in High School.  In this piece, I use the goggles to represent Victor Frankenstein, the scientist, or Prometheus in his capacity to think creatively and problem solve. This also goes into why I use lightbulbs so frequently in my work

So, onward to 2013 and Seeing Beyond, which i initially posted here

Monday, September 08, 2014

Alice Revisioned at the Tony Hungerford Gallery at the College of Southern Maryland

I've got a solo exhibit up at the Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery at the College of Southern Maryland. Come see it!

Alice Revisioned 
A mixed and multimedia series based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Tony Hungerford Gallery 
 Fine Arts Building 
College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Rd 
La Plata, Md
September 8 – October 3
Gallery Talk and Reception: September 16  at 12 p.m.
Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Detail Drink Me-tamorphosis 
Photo by Pete Duvall

Detail Humpty Dumpty is a Rabbit HolePhoto by Pete Duvall
Two years ago, I began a series based on Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. I had the exhibit at 410 Good Buddy Gallery in Washington, DC and had received a grant from The District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities to help defray costs in creating the works.  It was my first attempt at using both lighting and video in my work.

With the opportunity to exhibit at the College of Southern Maryland, in a slightly larger space, I wanted to remount this exhibit, but add new pieces incorporating new thoughts, feelings, interpretations, and techniques. I wanted to maintain a similar feel, but add to the excitement of the series. I added new video pieces, retouched a few of the original pieces, and added a few more personally relevant touches. An aspect that i really wanted to add was incorporated drawing and photography into the glass. I first started using a photo transfer technique in my Luxury of Dreams series, and was excited to incorporate that use into the Alice series. In fact, I used some relevant imagery directly from the dream series to draw connections to previous works and ideas. In total there are 14 pieces in the show.

Detail She Drowns the World With Her Sorrow
Here is the Press release for the exhibit

Artist Sean Hennessey will open the season for the College of Southern Maryland’s Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery with his exhibit of “Alice Revisioned,” on the La Plata Campus, Sept. 8 through Oct. 3.
Hennessey’s exhibit is a mixed-multimedia series based on “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” The approach adds a visceral reaction while also maintaining the dreamlike magic and wonder evident in the books.
Hennessey will be available at noon on Sept. 16 for a free gallery talk. The talk is open to CSM students as well as the community as an opportunity to meet the artist and discuss his work.
“While I can teach students the technical tools and crafts that they need to be able to articulate their visual ideas, the gallery talks bring artists like Sean Hennessey from all over the country, to give students a feel for the challenges and rewards for professional artists. Our exhibitors not only share their work, but also their experience and their artistic vision with our students and local artists in Southern Maryland,” said CSM Assistant Professor Katherine Sifers, who is curator for the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery.
The gallery is located in the Fine Arts Building, with hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Both the gallery and the gallery talk are free to attend.
For information on Hennessey exhibit as well as future exhibits, visithttp://www.csmd.edu/Arts/HungerfordGallery.html.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Article about Bloomingdale DC

My friend Suzanne Des Marais wrote a wonderful piece on the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, DC in District Home Magazine.

From 2003 until recently I lived in and loved the neighborhood. It was the first and only place that felt like home to me. I began the Bloomingdale Neighborhood Blog in the hopes of creating a place for people to find information on the area and to foster interaction and identity. It was a pretty fun time for blogging and especially for providing hyper local news. I learned a lot about the area and the city and met tons of neighbors. I took many photos of the neighborhood and started a flickr group for others to share their shots.

I no longer write for the blog but passed it on to a neighborhood stalwart Scott Roberts who contributes a dizzying amount of information for the neighborhood. 

The article mentions a bit of my work in the neighborhood; the painting on the back of Big Bear Cafe, the patterned paintwork at Boundary Stone, and the paintings on the side if Field to City. 

It also includes an image of a cast glass piece I made for Rustik Tavern. It doesn't mention the sign I painted for Grassroots Gourmet. My goal had been to work with all the businesses in the neighborhood, so I did pretty well with it. 

Really, it's the best neighborhood in Washington, DC and I'm pretty heartbroken to have had to leave it.

Read all about it and some neighborhood businesses here: