Friday, January 30, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Metal and Glass Casting at DC Glassworks

February 7th
5 PM
Metal and Glass Casting at DC Glassworks

The Washington Sculptors Group has a fun and exciting program for February 7th at DC Glassworks, DC area's premier hot glass facility. We'll get a tour of the facilities and see their small gallery space to get an idea of work created there, and the kind of work thats possible. There will be a glass casting demonstration and an aluminum casting demonstration. Additionally there will be some room for artists to create pieces of their own.

Glass Casting:
For a $20 ( $30 non-WSG members) per mold fee, 20 artists can create scratch molds to do a solid glass casting. The scratch mold process uses a pre-cast sand "mold blank". These mold blanks are sand molds of square and rectangular shapes. Designs are directly carved in the surface of the sand that will be transferred to the glass during the casting process. The final product will be a bas-relief or a three-dimensional sculpture in which the figures project from the background

Metal Casting:
There will be an opportunity for another 20 artists to create a small styrofoam piece, then do an aluminum casting of that piece. the fee for this is $20 ( $30 non-wsg members), plus 2.50 per pound of aluminum.

You must RSVP to do the hands-on part. Send an email to ( or call 202.550.4634) to reserve your spot. please indicate which process you'd like to participate in.
If you would just like to come and watch, thats fine too! All are invited.

Refreshments will be provided
There is abundant parking.

You may email for technical questions.

DC GlassWorks
5346 46th Avenue
Hyattsville MD 20781 -2307

Washington Sculptors Group

Thursday, January 08, 2009

still here.

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still making stuff.

december was quite busy and exhausting.
had been trying to catch up on some outstanding projects too.
been brushing up on my welding
applying for shows and contests and grants( fingers crossed)
doing some home renovations too.
and the wife was recouping from a surgery, though all is fine.

yeah, its been busy.
i'll have more going on soon.