Saturday, June 03, 2006

a show i went to see: kirk waldroff's "Sancti Insoliti"

last night i went to see Kirk Waldroff's stuff at the Washington Printmakers Gallery

I helped Kirk with his mold for the concrete pieces he has on display, but hadn't yet had a chance to see how they turned out. This show is the reason that Kirk has temporarilly balied on Art Mondays.

There will be a brown bag lunch discussion coming this thursday. i'll say something about mold making and concrete casting.

Kirk chose to do a series of strange saints "Sancti Insoliti". a saint with a dog head. a siamese twin saint with a beer drinking brother. cool work, but its the materials and techniques that i found more exciting that the subject. First, Kirk created a woodcut. He then pulled a print, then made a plate glass print using my favorite technique, "dry relief plaster casting". Lastly kirk ( and I) took a mold of the wood cut and he cast it in concrete. See the piece in the different media was fascinating and hopefully we'll see more of this. I certainly walked away with some ideas for my own work.

I also ran into Julianne of the Capitol Fringe Festival. She described some of the goings on. its going to be very exciting. Kicks off on july 20th with a party at A Venue. From her description its going to be action packed. Keep your schedules open.

Afterwards i went to a pretty large pot luck dinner in my neighborhoodhosted by a recent client of mine. I'm always really shocked by how many creative people i meet in my hood. Designers, architects, chef's, artists, landscape architects, writers, retail design. It was quite nice and i met tons of neighbors i hadnt even seen before.