Saturday, December 07, 2013

Open Studio Holiday Party! Saturday December 14th Noon-5 PM

If you are in the DC area on December 14th,  please come out to the Open Studio and Holiday Party at the Washington Glass School and Flux Studios in Mount Rainier Maryland.

Open Studio!
3700 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, Maryland!
Get Driving Directions
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Noon- 5 PM

Washington Glass School
Flux Studios

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Luxury of Dreams at The Dunes October 4th

The Luxury of Dreams

October 4- October 31
Opening Reception: Friday October 4th 7-10 PM

The Malarial Adventures of Jess

I would like to invite you to the reception for my upcoming exhibit The Luxury of Dreams at The Dunes in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Last winter, as the City of DC cut funding to homeless shelters, there were increases in the demands for these services. A number of articles brought light to these struggles and I had even heard of shortages of blankets for those in need. The issue was also on my mind for another reason.

I live in the middle of Washington, DC, and am a regular user of a bus stop at North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue in my neighborhood of Bloomingdale. It's always been a bit of a sketchy bus stop. A hidden community liquor bottle, drug dealing, lots of just sitting around all day. For a handful of years there was a particularly memorable man that sat on one of the benches and stared across the street at nothing in particular. He was often in a ski suit, well into warmer weather. Sometimes he'd stand up and almost fall into traffic along Florida Avenue. Every once in a while, I would catch him before he fell.  He never spoke, but would look at me, smile, and raise both his arms slightly. THAT was the extent of our communication, for a very long time. One day after a guy was accosting me at the bus stop, my snow suited friend, yelled out "he's all right!" and that seemed to quiet the other guy down. We talked a bit, he offered me some of the liquor, and food that he had on him. We talked for a while till my bus came, but only brokenly so. He was very, very hard to understand.  So last winter, reading all these stories about cuts in services, increases in demand, I recalled that I hadn't seen my bus stop friend in a while. One night, literally an hour after I was talking about him to someone, I got off of the bus at this intersection and I hear, in a very clear, articulate, sober voice, "it's good to see you, it's been a while". I couldn't believe it!  Because of services provided to those in need, this guy had gotten cleaned up, had a place to live, and was actively seeking to improve his life. We talked for a while, and I see him now and again. The turnaround for this guy was staggering. But it is a daily struggle for him.

With all these things in mind, I began thinking about artwork based on blankets, on beds, and on shelter. I then wondered if the level of security of having a place to sleep affected how we dream. I was thinking about how we all enter the world of dreams, regardless of where we sleep. I thought that I would create a series of works based on the dreams of others. Through conversations with the amazing Deidree Bennett from The Dunes about art and social issues, my idea for The Luxury of Dreams series was born. I started soliciting dreams from friends, colleagues, collectors, other artists, and social media connections.

As I was dealing with an uncomfortable issue in the inspiration of this series, and a new way of developing content within my work, I wanted to take a new approach to the creation of the work itself. I decided that I would utilize photography and drawings into glass. After receiving many dreams from friends and strangers I began conceptualizing how I would approach the pieces. At first I thought I would layer photos and drawings with castings of glass Beds and Blankets. I may still create a series in that direction, but I decided for this first series on dreams that I would pick imagery from the dreams that I felt most connected and relate it to my way of storytelling. Atypical of how I approach a series, each piece will feel different and have different shapes and sizes. I usually like for my series to read like a book, often with each piece the same size and scale; another new way of making work for me.

I also wanted this series to act as a fundraiser and to help raise awareness of how we all may help out. I reached out to THRIVE DC for the work that they do with those in need.
The Secret Room on the Landing

The Dunes
1402 Meridian Place NW
The Dunes is located at the intersection of 14th Street NW and Meridian Place. It is on the second floor.
There is a parking lot in the DC USA building, and the Columbia Heights Metro Station is just a few blocks away.

Deidree Bennett
Director of Fine Arts
The Dunes

A portion of proceeds from sales will go toward helping to support THRIVE DC.

Originally founded in 1979 as the Dinner Program for Homeless Women, Thrive DC works to prevent and end homelessness by providing vulnerable individuals a comprehensive range of services to help stabilize their lives. We are unique in providing the last available safety net for people facing economic crisis and housing instability while also providing the first step toward independence for people experiencing extended periods of homelessness.

1525 Newton Street, NW Suite G1
Washington, DC  20010
For general inquiries, please contact us at 202-503-1525 or

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Explaining My Work: Seeing Beyond

Part 3 in an ongoing explanation of the thoughts that go into my pieces. I've previously discussed Humpty Dumpty is a Rabbit Hole and Sharing What Is Held Close.
Please let me know what you think.
Seeing Beyond
glass, paint, steel, led
sean hennessey

I've explained my thoughts on locks in a previous post. When I made Promises that Remain Unbroken,
I wanted to give a counterpoint and to more viscerally feel a sea of locks. A swarm. I wanted to be a bit overwhelming. Daunting. 
I always loved science. And all the science classes I took. I've played with imagery that involved things that affect and augment sight. Glasses, googles, telescopes, microscopes, magnifying glasses etc... .
I think there is something powerful in that. Unsettling and settling. It speaks of how independent we really can be. It speaks of opportunity and possibly of trust. It also speaks of desire. Of the compulsion to move beyond and experience more. The use of the old plastic lab safety googles from science classes of my childhood was a perfect inclusion for this piece. Experimental, exciting, eye and world opening.i wanted to express a device and means for a person to look beyond the mere obstacles that might be present and see into the place that they want to be. 
But it's also about hope and determination for me to get beyond my own hang ups. I sometimes feel burdened by details, and while I strive to maintain my sense of the present, to be mindful of what's around me, and conscious of how I feel about it, I often lose something in that. I forget to look ahead, to plan, to make far reaching goals. I have a strong sense that every moment could be my last. This piece is to remind me, and others to be mindful of where we are heading. 

I bounced back and forth for awhile about color, and possibly the use of imagery behind the goggles. I wondered if a video behind the goggles was the way to go. It will be in future pieces, I'm sure, so keep an eye out for those. They're coming soon. 
I also wanted a lack of color in this piece. A clarity and a focus. Sometimes I'm not 100% sure why I make my decisions. This is the case. It just felt right. 

I'm In An Exhibit in England!

I was in the exhibition International Glass + Clay earlier this year in DC. That show has now traveled to the UK!
The exhibition is in Sunderland England from now until September 29th!
If you are in North East, please go check it out!

International Glass & Clay

August 22 - September 29, 2013 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Explaining My Work: Humpty Dumpty Was A Rabbit Hole.

This is the second post in what i hope to be an ongoing series sharing a glimpse into how i see the work that i create. Please let me know what you think.

During a summer artists retreat at the beach, i brainstormed some new ideas and was looking to come up with a way to create a longer narrative that included video and lighting along with a variety of materials. A mixed and multimedia series. I happened to bring along Alice in Wonderland for some fun reading and decided that this was perfect source material for an entire exhibit.

I immediately envisioned two pieces, The Mad Tea Party scene, and A large cracked concrete egg of Humpty Dumpty. The piece had to fall in line with a very cohesive outline that i had constructed. It needed to be a certain size... I wanted the series to feel somewhat like pages in an old book... the same size, sepia tones

So, with Humpty Dumpty, the interesting prideful character in Through the Looking glass, I wanted to deal with externalities and internalities, I wanted to deal with ego, pride, the fall, a journey. I wanted to include the ceiling tile patternwork that i love so much, I wanted there to be a moment of surprise and discovery, a bit of a shock, and a reward for seeking. The form of the large cast concrete egg came to me right away. I looked for large eggs to make a wold of and found something on ebay that i had to cut up and set onto a background of tile work. I then had to make a large rubber mold into which i cast concrete.  Very process oriented work that require a lot of planning.
Once the concrete was cured, i stained it green and gold leafed the insides. I know i wanted it to seem precious. A hardened stoic exterior to a warm glowing interior. At first i thought i would have a cracked heart inside, maybe on a spring so that it seemed quivering. That piece may still come. The form of this is something i still want to play with. I really let it sit for a while as i decided what was the thing that would be the essence of humpty dumpty. Sometimes creativity is a momentary flash, sometimes it takes a long time to mull over, to decide if it's the right fit, supports my vision, is tasteful and interesting. But then it dawned on me that Humpty Dumpty as a metaphor of ego, pride and arrogance, also represented the Rabbit Hole that Alice fell into. A vortex of trying to find your true self through trials. A form or purgatory almost. I envisioned people being hurled into the rabbit hole on their own journey to whatever end they find there.  reconciliation, humility, nothingness, nirvana. I also felt that the reward is that we all can see ourselves in this state, in this piece. We all all susceptible to Humpty Dumpty. but i think we can all be put back together.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Explaining my Work: Sharing What is Held Close

I'm going to start a series of posts that share a glimpse of what i'm thinking about in making the works that i create. I do love when people bring their own explanations to works but i feel that a little behind the scene thinking from the artist is valuable too. let me know what you think!

Sharing What is Held Close
Glass, Paint, LED, Steel

This piece began with my thoughts of locks. As both a means of protection and an obstacle keeping you away. I've done a number of pieces that are explorations of this ambiguity. I considered how to develop a narrative around this. I have an absolute love of Mediterranean decorative tile work, but also appreciate the symbology of patternwork. there is an activation of space, an excitement with color pattern displays, but internally we find the patterns of how we deal with others. This dualism appealed to me. I wanted to make it very personal.  I've become increasingly aware of my inability to let others know me. the patterns of my own protections. my walls. my desire to know others without letting them in. a repetition of that pattern. i've only really let people know me through my work. And even that has been very cryptic. While still a struggle for me to really be open with others, I am trying. This piece represents that attempt. But even within that, when i reach out to others, there is always the fear that i've been too open, too outgoing, too personal and I visualize my arms being chopped off.  Thats the risk, the possibility that i may lose the desire to reach out altogether. I think this is why i have gravitated toward artwork. i can make things, express myself, and others can choose to witness, partake, engage in their own way, at their own time, or simply walk away. i can put my things out there and let them be. I have no fear of interacting that way, but i did have a fear of something deeper.
This piece is about a reciprocity of fear, and the attempts to overcome the impersonal. Both are scared, both have protections and things we are hesitant to share. It is about the process of overcoming these patterns of interactions and fear. Sharing the things we hold close.

I've been doing this more and more. with mixed results. even this post makes me feel like i'm pushing my self into the faces of others. but i'll give it a try. and at least i still have my arms. (knock on wood)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Anacostia Art Romp

Art Romp 2013
Anacostia Arts Center and curator Molly Ruppert are excited to bring the notorious group show, “Art Romp” to Anacostia. The exhibition will feature over 60 artists from all sides of the river, exhibiting many modes of artistic expression--including painting, photography, quilting, performance art, new media, and sculpture.

Opening reception: August 23, 5-9 pm
Exhibit: August 24-September 15

Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Road, SE
Washington, DC 20020

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Luxury of Dreams-tell me about yours

I'm working on a new series called The Luxury of Dreams with the intention to exhibit the pieces at The Dunes in DC this October. A portion of the sales of the pieces will go to services for the homeless in DC. To make this happen, I need your help! I want to know about your dreams and where you dream. 
If you have the time and inclination, and will let me use the text you write in my pieces, send me just a few paragraphs about what you dream about when you sleep. Any element you want to focus on is fine by me, there are no wrong approaches. Also, tell me a little bit about where you had the dreams that you are sharing, the bed, the sleeping bag, the yurt, the room, anything you think about.

 Please email me at Art @ Wheresmycoffee .com 
If you have any questions about the project, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Please share this request, if you would. 

thank you,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lumen8 in Anacostia This Weekend



Getting here has never been easier
(click on map for a printable PDF)

location: 1241 Good Hope Road SE Washington DC 20020
Figures in Jazz by John K. Lawson
Unsung Jazz  by Antoine Sanfuentes
1-6pm Live poster screen printing by Sediment Press:  FREE! event posters (upstairs @ The Gallery at Vivid 
1:30–2:30 Francis Richards, steel drums
2:30–4 DJ WonderMike
4–5:30 SouthEast Trinity presents Renaaz Peoplez, keyboardist
Food & Drinks
    Growl Coffee
    Cash Bar
    Food Trucks!
Location: 1231 Good Hope Road SE Washington DC 20020
Artist Vendors
    Dwayne Lawson-Brown: Crochet Kingpin (crochet accessories)
    Rachel Kerwin: original paintings
    Jennifer Bryant: Wax Candle Co. (scented soy candles with accompanying original mixtapes)
    Violet King: African Violet Designs (handmade accessories and jewelry)
    Rajan Sedalia: custom drawings on balloons (executed onsite)
    Minda Merinsky: upcycled home furnishings and jewelry
    Shaymar Higgs: handmade textiles and accessories
    Sediment Press: original silk screened art prints
Gallery Operator Contest- vote for your favorite gallerist!
    Familiar Deborah & Denrique Shedrick, curated by Camille Mosley-Pasley of Anacostia Fine Art
    film.still: ward 8 students abroad organized by Bailey Skiles, with BRAY Creative and Nomenclature, and in association with Ballou International
    Turn Me Loose Jeremy Flick, presented by ArtSee
Public Studio Project
Elsabé Dixon
Wings, Weavings and Worms
Evolving interactive sculptural installation with silkworms
Blank Space SE
Anacostia Art Gallery & Boutique, African Diaspora Exhibition
Albus Cavus: 1-6pm children’s programs (FREE!)
    “I am a Muralist” children’s visual arts activity playroom
    Community Tree temporary public art program
    Paint like Jackson Pollock
Daytime Performance Schedule
1–1:30 Francis Richards, steel drums
1:30–2 James Terrell
2–3 DJ 2 Tone Jones
2–2:45 Compania Del Bouffon
3–3:30 James Terrell
3:15–4 Compania Del Bouffon
3:30–5:30 DJ 2 Tone Jones
5:30-6:30 Brass Connection (walk to The Music Box with the band!)
Food & Drinks
    DC DOSA *Indian food * Winner of Start Up Kitchen*
    Food trucks!
    Cash bar with NURISH
American Islamic Museum
America’s Islamic Heritage Museum, 10am–6pm
location: 2315 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue SE
Museum Open House: 10am–6pm
Drumming Circle: 12–1pm; 4–5pm
Mural Painting (exterior wall): 12–4pm
DJ Saleem: 2–6pm
Health Care Careers Program, presented by Project Reach: 2–4pm
Vendors: 11am–6pm
EVENING SCHEDULE 6pm to Midnight
A spectacular light display transforms the former Metropolitan Police Department evidence warehouse into The 
location: 2235 Shannon Place SE Washington DC 20020
The evening’s music lineup is as follows:
•    The VibeLive Show with Dev Duff & Tamika Love Jones
•    Eme & Heteru
•    Thaylobleu
•    Black Masala
•    Nayas
•    The Funk Ark
SuiteLife Radio’s Dez the Prez will MC the event all night!
Stage management and production line-up by Joe’s Movement Emporium in partnership with Listen Local First
The warehouse space will host live wet plate and digital portrait sessions by STRATA photo collective. FREE! 
(Sign up when you arrive at The Music Box.)
Food & Drinks
    A Busboys & Poets pop-up restaurant
    Cash bar run by Orange Cow will offer alcohol and non-alcoholic drink options

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Openings at the Katzen Art Center Tonight!

There are two exciting shows opening tonight at the Katzen Arts Center of the American University.


The opening of a collaborative show of video, photo and glass by Tim Tate,Pete Duvall & Richard A. Schellenberg at American University's Katzen Arts Center - June 15th to Aug 15th featuring collaborations with Pete Duvall and Richard Richard A. Schellenberg. Opening is June 15th from 6 to 9pm.

"For years, Tim Tate has established himself as a skilled glass artist, and one whose work seems to draw more from tattoo art and the science lab than from the history of blown and cast objects. His latest work is a curious hybrid, an unexpected combination of craft and technology, what he calls “self-contained video installations.”

Over the last three years, this Washington D.C.-based artist has attracted critical attention for his group of sculptures that look at the past through the lens of new media. These objects are intimate glass reliquaries that each contain a tiny video screen with a short looped film, along with ambient soundtrack.

For the Katzen project, Tate is working with collaborators Pete Duvall and Richard Schellenberg (both of whom he met through Artomatic), to create a video experience, drawing the viewer deeply into the world of the Sleepwalker. The center piece of the show is the room size installation entitled “The Waking Dreams Of Magdelena Moliere”.

This large scale installation is surrounded by numerous new videos involving the viewer in the dream world that exists in these artists minds.
These videos will include works referencing early film noir, continuing Tate’s, Duvall's and Schellenberg's interest in dreamers, film and the subconscious."

Tim Tate: Sleepwalker
June 15 – August 11, 2013


Washington Art Matters 1940s–1980s

This exhibition tells the history of Washington art from the 1940s through the 1980s. Some 80 artists were selected to represent what was best of Washington art over five decades. This documentation is based upon the book 'Washington Art Matters, Art Life in the Capital: 1940-1990', written by Jean Lawler Cohen, Elizabeth Tebow, Sidney Lawrence, and Benjamin Forgey.

Robert NewmannFor Pierre L'Enfant
Subtractive mural, 1328 New York Ave and 13th St, NW

I'll be there!
6-9 PM
4400 Massachusetts Ave,  NW

Washington, DC 20016 

Friday, June 14, 2013

DC Glassworks at Montpelier Arts Center

I'm not in this exhibit, but i wanted to recommend it to everyone.

32nd Annual Sculpture Exhibition: DC GlassWorks
June 13-August 18
Main Gallery, Montpelier Arts Center

We're excited to have more than a dozen DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studios artists participating in this show at Montpelier Arts Center highlighting contemporary work that uses processes such as blown and cast class.

Join us at Montpelier Arts Center for the Opening Reception Friday, June 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and the Artist Talk/Luncheon Sunday, June 16 at 12:00 pm.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What have my wife and I been up to? May 2013 newsletter.

Sean Hennessey and Rania Hassan's Art Events Newsletter
Late Spring 2013 Edition
Sean Hennessey | Rania Hassan
The Red Thread by Rania Hassan
Rania Hassan: Threads
Forming by Rania Hassan.
Only one week left!
Exhibit is open through Tuesday, May 27.

Rania’s solo exhibition at the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, MD, opened on April 5 and will be up through May 27. ‘Threads’ is an exploration of connecting knitting and painting with fiber and wood. Yes, in her newest artwork, Rania has been stitching her knitting into wood.
Rania Hassan: Threads
Montpelier Arts Center

Main Gallery

Exhibition Dates: April 5-May 27, 2013
Gallery Hours: 10am–5pm, everyday
9652 Muirkirk Road 
Laurel, MD 20708
Habatat Galleries 41st International Glass Invitation & EXPOSE
Our Dreams Make it PossibleSean is very thrilled to be participating in the wonderful Habatat Galleries 41st Annual International Glass Invitational & EXPOSESean is exhibiting three new pieces, along with two new pieces that are the result of a collaboration with Tim Tate.
From their website: Featuring: The most exciting artists working in glass 2013. Over 90 of the finest artists from 18 different countries exhibiting two sculptures each during Habatat Galleries 41st International Glass Invitational Award Exhibition. Also on display is for the first time “eXpose” displaying works of 25+ artist never seen before at Habatat! 
Habatat Galleries Complex
Exhibition Dates: April 27May 25, 2013
4400 Fernlee Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Alchemical Vessels
Fi[b]re of Rotation by Rania
Rania has created an Alchemical Vessel for this exhibition and benefit which will feature the work of 125 artists, hand-selected by 16 invited curators.
About Rania's Alchemical Vessel: Fi[b]re of Rotation: The alchemical symbol of a circle with a triangle inside represents 'Fire of Rotation.' The fiber pieces are from elements that formed a part of the creation of her recent solo show. This piece is about fire within, and transforming yourself and others through artwork.

Alchemical Vessels
Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
Exhibition Dates: April 26–June 7, 2013

1632 U St, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery
Queen AliceSean is exhibiting with fellow Washington Glass School artists Michael Janis, Erwin Timmers, Tim Tate, and Allegra Marquart at the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. Sean and Tim spoke at the Museum Of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg on May 12, read about it here. If you know anyone that will be in the area, please pass along this information!

Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery
Exhibition Dates: May 11-June 30, 2013
550 24th St. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Public Art Installation at the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
SketchSean is creating three illuminated glass panels for permanent installation in the newly constructed Childrens Cancer Center at the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville, Maryland.

American Craft Magazine Article
Sean was mentioned in an article in this months American Craft Magazine regarding his contribution to a project with The Washington Glass School enhancing the Library of Congress.
Read the article HERE

Where can you get your hot little hands on some Sean Hennessey originals?
Blue Spiral Gallery  Asheville, NC
Habatat Galleries  Royal Oak, MI
Duncan McClellan Gallery  St. Petersburg, FL
Or, if you are in the Washington, DC, metro area, shoot Sean an email and schedule a studio visit.

Follow Us.
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There are many ways to keep track of us, here are some of our links!

:: Sean Hennessey ::
Tel: 202.550.4634
Art portfolio:
Twitter: @wheresmycoffee
Instagram: @sean__hennessey

:: Rania Hassan ::
Tel: 202.320.9300
Art portfolio:
Twitter: @goshdarnknit
Instagram: @goshdarnknit

Copyright © 2013 Rania Hassan + Sean Hennessey, All rights reserved.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exhibition at Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida

I've got an exhibit coming up in a very cool place, the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St Pete, Florida.
Not only that, but the day after the opening I'll be speaking at the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St Pete. Super Fun!

The Gallery will be hosting a show with some of the Washington Glass School Artists; Sean Hennessey, Tim Tate, Michael Janis, Erwin Timmers, and Alegra Marquart. Seems theres been a great relationship between Duncan and the WGS for quite a while. A long long time ago Duncan bought the glass school a big ole kiln to help them get started. He's that kind of guy. The cash bar at the gallery funds programs for at risk kids in the St. Pete region. Duncan's built a glass hot shop for visiting artists to work and do demos. Apparently he throws great opening parties, and i'm looking forward to finding out first hand.

While I had once exhibited with Duncan in a big glass show in Georgetown, DC, I hadn't actually met him. This past week my cousin Tommy was marrying the woman of his dreams in Tampa and I went down for the wedding. This gave me an opportunity to vist Duncan and I was thrilled to see what he has going on. His gallery/hot shop/ event space/ fruit tree orchard compound was amazing and beautiful. He told me he started his gallery so he could make sure artists were treated right. so solid.

He was showing two cool glass artists Jason Chakravarty and Eoin Breadon, who I got to meet.  plus a number of other artists work were present in the gallery.

If you are in St Pete, come on by

Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery
550 24th St. South
St Petersburg Florida

Opening Night
Saturday May 11th
The exhibit runs through June 30th.

Artist Lecture
Sunday May 12th ( Mothers Day)

Museum of Fine Arts
255 Beach Drive N.E.
St. Petersburg, FL

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

41st Annual International Glass Invitational & EXPOSE

I have a very exciting exhibit coming up and I wanted to share the details and a little story of how it came to be. plus a bit of my trip getting the work there.


41st Annual International Glass Invitational & EXPOSE
by Sean Hennessey and Tim Tate
photo by Pete Duvall

More Info on this piece HERE

Saturday, April 27, 2013 to Saturday, May 25, 2013
Reception: 8:00 pm Saturday, April 27th 2013

Featuring : The most exciting artists working in glass 2013
Over 90 of the finest artists from 18 different countries exhibiting 2 sculptures each during Habatat Galleries 41st International Glass Invitational Award Exhibition. Also on display is for the first time "eXpose" displaying works of 25+ artist never seen before at Habatat! 

I have been creating collaborative works with my studio mate and Director of the Washington Glass School, Tim Tate. 

4400 Fernlee Ave
Royal Oak, MI 


I first learned of Habatat Gallery when my wife and I visited SOFA Chicago back in 2009. We were trying to scope out galleries and get a handle on the fine craft world. Habatat Gallery had some of the most interesting glass work and commanded an absolutely huge amount of space at the show. It definitely seemed a gallery to be reckoned with. One far out of my league. I began taking my work in glass more seriously and dedicated myself to working very hard and creating compelling pieces. I wanted to find a home in the gallery setting. My first real gallery breakthrough came with an invitation to participate in "Glass Secessionism" an exhibit at one of my favorite galleries in one of my favorite towns. Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, NC. The exhibit places me next to some fantastic artists. It was definitely a high moment for me and I'm very proud to have work there. A real breakthrough in my work came when i started using light and video. This lead me to get to know a lot of collectors, an invitation to be on the board of the James Renwick Alliance, an opportunity to exhibit with Maurine Littleton Gallery at the Washington Craft Show, and to show my work through the Alida Anderson Project in Aqua Art Miami. All absolutely huge things for me. 
Then my good friend and studio mate Tim Tate, pitched an idea to Habatat Gallery that he and I collaborate on a few pieces in hopes of being in their annual international glass show. They liked the idea and we were invited to submit work. 
We created the works and I took a road trip with a neighbor of mine to deliver the pieces. It was actually a super fun trip. We stayed a few nights in Pittsburg, a night in Royal Oak, Michigan, and a great 24 hours in Cleveland. Some of the things we saw and places we went.

A brewery in a church
A beautiful old train station
The Warhol Museum
Primanti's: A fantastic sandwich shop that puts fries on everything. 
Saw the beautiful skyline of Pittsburgh at night

A bunch of Michigan Brew Pubs

Great Lakes Brewery
Great Lakes Beer

I learned about and saw the Guardians of Transportation
Visited the Best Urban Market ever

Saw The Christmas Story House
Visited my friend Graham Fox at his new job as a Stained Glass Artist in a freaking awesome Stained Glass Shop

So anyway, enough of the travelogue, back to my experience with Habatat Gallery, the reason for the trip!

I was more than excited to be having the collaborative pieces in the show, but my hope was to show them a few more pieces in person, since they hadn't ever seen my own work beyond a jpg yet. And glass is very hard to photograph. When i got to the gallery, the y were just installing a solo show of Martin Janecky's work. FANTASTIC stuff!
I got to meet the staff of the gallery and they agreed to see more work. They gave me positive feedback on the work and invited me to show the additional pieces in the exhibit!  I'm absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting in this huge glass exhibit with some of the huge names in the medium. Since so many of you won't be able to make it to Royal Oak Michigan to see the exhibit, these, in addition to the one above are the pieces I'll be exhibiting

by Sean Hennessey and Tim Tate
photo by Pete Duvall
More Info on this piece HERE

Our Dreams Make it Possible
by Sean Hennessey
We Create What We Seek
by Sean Hennessey

Thoughts of Togetherness
by Sean Hennessey