Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to Work

I've had a bit of a rough spell for the last 2 months. I had gotten injured from a faulty bike and haven't been able to work. Yes, it sucked. And yes, I'm over the worst of it. And I'm very grateful to my my wife and friends who helped me tremendously.

I'm just getting back to doing some work, and I've been catching up by framing and photographing pieces. Here is a recent piece.

The Difference Between Us
The Difference Between Us

I'm sending off some pieces this week for a show in Asheville, NC. The show won't go up until May. I'll post more about it later, but it's pretty cool.  I'll be getting back to my Trumpet project next week. I'll post new pictures soon. I'm working on a multi-media series of works based on Alice in Wonderland ( with support from the DCCAH )  I've been drawing up ideas to create for Artomatic, which returns to Crystal City, VA in May.  Lot's going on. exciting, and i'm impatient as hell to get back to it.

oh, and i've been spending a lot of my time on Pinterest lately. Quite a cool things when you're laid up and in pain.