Friday, December 29, 2006

Pipe Dreams for Art in DC.

here are some ideas for the growth of art in dc.
i added one at the bottom. #9 #9 #9 #9.......

1. MLK- the national center for the creative arts.
I would LOVE to see the the ramshackled Martin Luther King Junior Library turned into a public arts center. I would support Williams proposal for a new central library if this could happen. ( my title post IS "pipe dreams....) I envision a center that is akin to the Kennedy Center, but for fine arts. also something akin to the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. That it would exist within a Mies Van Der Rohe building is sublime.

2. DC Arts on Foot- Slighty as per the sentiment expressed by Richard Layman, Arts on Foot should be expanded, both in time and space. While i really love arts on foot, i think it is a grand stepping to to a truly wonderful ( and giagantic) street arts festival. I say block off more streets, hire sky writers, people on stilts, high wire acts across the buildings. art competitions. hands on grafitti boths. hire some artists to create sidewalk art.

3. ART/BASEL/MIAMI/DC. you know what i'm talking about. This thing is big, glitzy, staracious, spectacular spectacular. We need a big DC bling art scene. hell, maybe we could get Charo to perform!

4. A Grand Arts District Along North Capitol. I have a huge interest in north capitol street in the noma and just north of noma area. While it is somewhat blighted, it has a gorgeous view of the capitol building as it decends from the old soldiers home. It is an odd and underutlized gateway into the city. Ripe for growth an artistics enhancement, this street could be a very beautiful boulevard or arts and entertainment usage. Lets face it, what use do east coast cities have in the future but cultural and entertainment meccas? aint no production happening. aint no industry. We've got money and the need for entertainment and fullfilment that arts bring. Currently there are TONS of empty buildings along the stretch of north capitol from New York Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue. and its close to the new york avenue metro. Maybe DCAC would like to expand and find a home here? jus sayin.

5. DC will become a destination to buy and support arts.
while many people feel that they must go to New York to purchase art, many wonderful and wildly more affordable artists live and sell in DC. With the investment in artists, the investment in artworks will grow. Certainly my personal goal is to continuosly raise the prices of my pieces. As i sell more and more, the justification for higher prieces increase. This is great for me, but it is also great for collectors and those that want their personal collections to appreciate.

6. More galleries will open in centralized locations.
I know that being a gallerist is tough work. its hard to sell art in this town, and at prices that provide a healthy life. Still, I would love to see more galleries open in DC.
While many galleries have opened in Bethesda recently, i think it is vital to have centralized locations for galleries. 14th Street is an excellent example of a pocket. The dupont galleries seem a bit dead to me. 7th street is dying off. As i've said above, i see north capitol as a possible pocket. That these location are within the city itself, it helps promote national, and perhaps (someday!) international recognition. And as it is the center and reason for the metro area, it will bring together the most diverse group of interested people. Many in virginia and marlyland are reluctant to visit the other. Everyone comes to DC.

7. An ArtBoat Regatta on the Anacostia
like the kinetic sculpture race in baltimore
down by the river

8. The Great Great American Beer and Art Fest.

self explanatory. beer + art= fun casual time.


9. More galleries will start a blog.
thank you Nevin Kelly and The Katzen Art Center and also The Smithsoniam American Art Museum.
this really helps us keep track of the MILLIONS of things going on in dc, in an efficient manner. Seriously, RSS feed subscribable formats are the way to go. and pictures of the shows are nice too!

please discuss.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Solo Exhibition in January- Worshippers of the Invented Sun

By odd quirks of events and the recommendation of a good friend I will be having a solo exhibition at a gallery in Fell Point Baltimore during the month of January.

Show- Worshippers of the Invented Sun
Where- Touchet Gallery
right.. and wheres that?
536 S. Ann Street, in Fells Point.

When- the Opening is January 5, 2007 - 5:00pm
Fells Point Art Loop - First Friday!

The Exhibit will be up until February 11.
timeasanabstractArtist Statement:

I create works that are concerned with ways of thinking and the paths that we follow. How do we reflect on our lives? How do we reconcile life as spiritual beings living in a modern world? How do we measure our growth?

Drawing my inspiration from Mythologies and Philosophies, I suggest possible metaphors of our daily experiences to create an epic reference for the present. The heroic journey of our common everyday self.

Using glass, concrete, paint and plaster, I build pieces that combine familiar imagery*doors, lightbulbs, bottles, spools of thread*to provoke the viewer to consider my interpretations of our lives.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rock-n-shop, american art museum block- n- shop

The Black Cats rock-n-shop was a great event! lots of people, and you all bought lots of art! thanks.

Rania and I will be at the Downtown Holiday market tomorrow and thursday, so please come down! noon - 7 pm

great deals on limited edition prints! and who in their right mind wouldn't want a highly artistic concrete disc? other fine art, as well.

and after new years i'll be having a solo exhibit at a gallery in Fells Point in Baltimore! yay! i have a number of new pieces to show.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


after a long stretch of not doing any glass i finally loaded a kiln last night with 16 pieces
now i am waiting for them to cool down enough to unload.........
damn, i'm impatient. i want to finish up here at the studio, go home make dinner, have a beer, and print some t shirts for Rock-n-Shop at the black cat tomorrow night.

so come to the black cat between 8 and midnight tomorrow to see if i actually got around to making t shirts! If you buy a t-shirt and mention this post, i'll give you a free limited edition print. (while supplies last... as if.)

gotta go check the temperature.......

palace of wonders craft sale

palace of wonders, originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan.

this was last weeks craft sale.

I'll let you in on a little secret about the American Art Museum/ Portrait Gallery

lego, originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan.

its made of legos.

Friday, December 15, 2006

also from the holiday market

also taken by elvert barnes.

i LOVE the sculpture on the left. Its done by a torpedo factory guy named carlos...i didnt catch his last name but he is set up everyday for the market.

caught at the downtown holiday market!

this picture was taken by elvert barnes. damn, he gets around the city.
check out his photos.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Downtown Holiday Market.

I'll be setting up a both with GoshDarnKnit on Wednesday and Thursday at the downtown holiday market. Its on F between the Hotel Monaco and The American Art Museum. from 12-7pm.

there will be food and music and performace and art. should be great. plus the cornell show at the American Art Museum is the best show i've seen all year, only steps away.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

TODAY! 2-6 pm. Art!

Today is our open studio party extravangance and holiday sale. lots of art for sale! concrete! glass! steel! jewlery! paintings! prints! weve got it all.

over 12 artists participating. a performance. some demo's. this is wheres its happening*!

Scenic Artisans Studio and
Washington Glass School Studio,

3708 Wells Avenue, Mt. Rainier, MD

metro-able directions
take the t18 or 83 bus from Rhode Island avenue metro.
Get off at the mount rainier main station at 35th street.
walk east on perry street ( away from dc)
turn right on 37th.

at the end of the block you will see a number of white warehouses.
We are between the two on the left.
you'll see the signs and throngs of people having fun.

*unless you are car-less in the Adams Morgan Mt Pleasant columbia heights area and dont want to take the bus to mount rainier from the rhode island avenue station. then you should go HERE and buy some art.

Monday, December 04, 2006

landscape with coffee on concrete

craft mutiny

i joined this group of dedicated artisans.

check them out.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reminder for Open Studio this coming Saturday.

Saturday,DECEMBER 9th.
2-6 pm
Annual Open Studio Christmas Party

in conjunction with the washington glass school, we're having a really big shindig.
please come.

There will be lots and lots of stuff for sale. paintings, glass pieces, concrete pieces, prints, reliefs, all kinds of art.
drinks, entertainment, lots of people.

3708 wells avenue, mount rainier md.