Monday, December 27, 2010

Collection of Washington DC area Artists. Wildly Subjective Post.

I wanted to share something very personal to me. our art collection. not pictures or anything, but the artists that we collect. My wife Rania and I have, over the last few years, been trying to collect works of DC area artists. We're pretty committed to promoting and supporting local art and we have a lot of great friends that happen to be great artists. Place and community are important to us. We also want to shape our collection into something very personal and a narrative of sorts or our life, people and things that we want to be close to.  Our collection is one venue and outlet for our creativity. I've talked to a number of people recently that want to collect DC art but were uncertain where to begin. I hope this helps those people... as well as just serving as a list for me to remind myself to buy art. Plus, you know.. if any of you want to buy us gifts (our birthdays are both in february). And yes, its 100% subjective. And no, I mean no offense if you are not on this list. 

So far, we've managed to get works by these wonderful artists:
Novie Trump-
 I knew Novie a looong loong time ago, well before either of us knew of one another as artists. I was taking a year off of college, she was working at a punk rock pizza joint where a roommate of mine worked. We were acquaintances, but not really friends.  I re-met her at a lecture at the Arlington Art Center and she showed me some of her work. I fell in love with it. Plus Novie is a great woman. I got to know Novie better as we were both on the board of the Washington Sculptors Group for a spell and we are now studio neighbors out in Mount Rainier. I can't get enough of her work and if rich enough would get her to design an entire room. I deeply hope that I can actually work with her on projects in the future.
Andrea Haffner-
 I first saw Andrea's work at Artomatic back in 2002. Stunning pieces and I've been buying jewelry from her for years. Her studio was nearby our house and before she took a sabatical from DC we bought a small piece of hers. we need a larger piece i'm afraid. it's unique and beautiful. natural and synthetic. delicate and indestructible.  I dont know a soul that doesn't love her work.
Michael Janis-
Once michael started working in his now renowned scraffito technique i really wanted a piece of his. I've managed to pick up a few of his pieces at the Washington Glass School open studios. I'd really love to buy a large panel of his works, especially his more architecturally oriented pieces. he should be an art megastar. His work is that compelling.
Tim Tate-
I met and became good friends with Tim at the 2002 Artomatic. I had gone a bit over the top with a painting installation at that artomatic and was fortunate to have tim fall in love with my work. I was able to barter with tim to get some cool pieces of his.  nothing like his newer pieces... which i covet. Even though he is mostly known, these days anyway, for his self contained video installations, my favorite pieces of his are complicated and narrative arrays of found objects with cast and blown glass. series such as the 7 deadly sins. But then again, maybe if ya'll would stop buying his work, his prices would go down and i could afford it. ; ) Tim is one of the founders of the Washington Glass School, a MUST SEE studio for every art lover and collector in the dc area.
Kirk Waldroff -
I met Kirk in 2003 through the Mather Studios, a subsidized housing project for artists. we became friends, but also, along with Kristina Bilonick and rania hassan, worked together on a secret project called Art Monday. We've even exhibited together under the pseudonym Arthur Monday. Kirk is a printmaker and carpenter, but sometimes casts his wood blocks in glass. or concrete. ( he and i made a concrete countertop for his place once) 
Jaime Zollars-
I set up across from Jaime at a Crafty Bastards and few years ago and fell in love with her and her work. I bought a piece of hers as a present for Rania for Christmas last year.  I guess really all i have is a print. I want originals, so I'll have to keep checking her work out.
Kerri Sheehan-
Kerri and I became friends through the Washington Glass School where she used to teach. She was doing some interesting work with Venus figures and drawings on cast plate glass. recently I plastered the walls of her new house. 
Elizabeth Baldwin-
Beth and i worked together at the Shakespeare Theatre. I've known her for, i guess around 12 years or so. i have a few small pieces of hers from original pastel to prints to her current series of plush figures.
Scott Brooks
I've absolutely loved Scott's work since I first saw it... prolly at Artomatic 2000?.. I became friends with Scott at some point... don't really know how... but I was fortunate to go to his moving sale and score a really cool piece. The pieces of his that I love are, like a few artists that i know, a bit beyond our budget.
Kelly Towles-
I don't remember when I met Kelly, but the first time I saw his work was at the warehouse cafe and he had done a large painting, possibly on the wall. super cool.  i first got to hang out with kelly while doing the Pool Tradeshow in Vegas a few years ago. i've gotten two pieces as gifts. but I hope I can buy a large piece of his someday. 
Erin Antognoli-
Erin creates really cool holga photos. but she has a certain and unique style that I really like. I first met Erin through and some gallery hopping. recently she's been seduced by the dark side of art: sculpture. I'm excited to see where that might go.
Sean Welker ( Sadly, he's moved on to Chicago. Rat bastard)
If sean had stayed in dc we'd be best friends by now. I love him, and his work. I picked up only a very tiny piece of his at his going away studio sale. i got to visit with him once in Chicago and would love to go back.
Carlos Beltran Baldiviezo-
I set up next to and met Carlos a few years ago at the Downtown Holiday Market just outside the National Portrait Gallery in DC. His figurative clay sculptures are beautiful and we traded pieces. I really like his work, though I have only seen him a few times since. he works out of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia.
Jessica Wade Howard
Jessica made a painting for us when we got married. I met jessica and her husband Lee, another sculptor, during my time at the Shakespeare Theatre. Jessica was once one of the set painters, then went on to work for Stanislavsky theatre, and then onto motherhood and a non art job. I hope she someday finds her artwork again. she's very talented.

I would wholeheartedly recommend adding these artists to your collection. We, of course, have some fine examples of our OWN WORKS. all over our house. too many. want some?  Clearly you should have our works too.

There are still a ton of artists that we still want pieces from and I would encourage everyone to seek them out. That list includes, but is not limited to:
Margaret Boozer-
I have been in love and a hero-worshiper of margaret forever. she's awesome and her work kicks ass. I really want a piece of hers but I know that I will need to be very careful in picking which one. Also, once margaret co curated a show at DCAC with a curatorial statement that still haunts me. Her studio is a MUST SEE for every collector and art lover in the DC area.
Sondra Arkin
I first met Sondra through her curation of the DC City Hall's Art Collection ( which you should go through... for free, any weekday) . She's a masterful curator, but a subtly amazing encaustic aritist. I say sublte, because the impression that her work has made on me has been slow. Perhaps I have grown to appreciate it, but I think that the non objective nature calls for a contemplation that takes time. In any case, all of the sudden her work became fresh in my eyes. It's funny how that works. 
Erwin Timmers
Now, I could kick myself for not buying one of Erwin's Snake Lights when I first saw it and I could actually afford it. Someday. Someday I will get a piece of his. Erwin is a director and studio mate of mine at the Glass School, so I've gotten to talk to him quite a bit about his work. His news stuff is going to skyrocket him. Buy it if you can.
Chris Shea
Chris is a master of iron and metal working. A MASTER. If you appreciate quality functional metal pieces, check his stuff out. I'd kill for him to make me a dinning room table. Or just about anything. 
Michael Sirvet
Mike is a friend also through the Mather artists. His metal sculpture is a bit mind numbing when you contemplate his exactness and labor. Now, of course, he's gigantic and his greatness means i never see him anymore. Someday i'll get one of his pieces though. 
Syl Mathis
A glass artist that makes exquisitely cast glass "boats" with wonderful metal stands. The simplicity and elegance of his work is very nice, and really its only that its cast glass and steel that it would fit in our collection, as i think "exquisite" doesn't describe what we usually like. I guess you start to learn a lot about yourself as you collect art.....
I met Syl through the Washington Glass School.
Allegra Marquart
Allegra's work is playful, and colorful, yet highly industrial and rugged. no one is doing work like her.
Another Washington Glass School artist.
David D'Orio
I first saw Dave's work at an artomatic, though i'd heard of him earlier since he owns and operates one of DC's only hot shops. I met Dave mainly through taking a metal casting class at his DC glassworks, and i keep stopping by to say hi. we've been in some shows together. anyway, his work is fantastic. narrative, symbolic, rugged, unusual, a bit crazy. everything i like in sculpture, Dave represents.
Megan Van Wagoner
Another DC Glassworks artist. I first saw Megan's work at Artomatic 2009. She had these cast glass potatoes on ceramic pillows with a kind of decorative element, all held up by steel. Delicate, rugged, 3 great materials. subtly strange, yet poignant. Totally engaging work. I've only managed to buy some of her functional pieces.. 2 coffee mugs.. but we'll get some sculpture sometime.
Jeanette Herrera
I first learned of Jeanette through Loved her work, but it really doesn't translate to a jpeg well. Seeing her work in person you can really see how detailed and rich it is. I like works that just dominate and force you to believe in another world entirely. Her work does that. I don't ever see Jeanette, so i don't know her as much as other people on this list, but i've met her once and know her to be rock solid.
Leila Holtsman
I first saw and met leila through Artomatic..  2008?  A great combination of silk screening on steel and ceramic. Once part of the Boozer Kingdom of Red Dirt Studios, I saw leila fairly regularly, and i think we both learned to MIG weld at the same workshop at Sam Notos studio in Greenbelt.  Plus Leila is super nice.
Andrew Wodzianski
Andrew is a bad ass, plain and simple. Once i went to a show of andrews where his girlfriend was dressed up as a nurse and he stayed in a closed coffin the entire time. How hot is that? to me, HOT. I love andrew to death and hope I get to spend more time with him. And I want one of his paintings.. but may have to settle for a less expensive series. 
Cory Oberndorfer
I first saw Cory's work as spray paint work on a column at Artomatic 2007 (nearly all of my friends are through artomatic....). He had these roller derby girls and penguins. totally fresh. totally cool. i didnt actually met him for a few years... maybe 2009? Not sure. He's become a friend now though and I really look forward to seeing his new work. 
Jenny Walton
I met jenny through my half assed attempt to become part of Sparkplug, the artist collective formed by DCAC. Sadly it conflicted with Sunday dinners with the Mather artists and I had to bail on it. No regrets and now I see Jenny fairly often. Her work in mono type has a haunting quality and an imagery that lingers with you. I've not yet decided on which vein of her work i like the most.
Cheryl Derricotte
I met cheryl through the Washington Glass School. She's been on a hiatus from making work, but when she gets back to it in 2011 i'm sure we'll see really great work come out of her.  
Sherill Gross
I first met sherill at artomatic 2000 and admired her work from the get go. ( another example of why you should snap at work you like right away!.. hard lesson learned thank you erwin timmers) i didnt really become friends with Sherill till the last few years. I even have an upcoming show with her, thanks to her for arranging it and inviting me to participate.
Kristina Bilonick 
I met Kristina through the Washington Glass School. I used to go to her open studios in MidCity. and see her around at shows. Once rania and i started doing street festivals, i became friends with Kristina and she was part of our Art Monday thing. Kristina keeps going on to greater and greater things all the time. Her work is really cool. I had a framed silk screen at my house for a long time ( not a print.. the actual screen) but was just holding it and friend of mine bought it. I own a shirt she silk screeend but no real artwork. Someday that will be remedied.
Matt Sesow
I first saw matts work at artomatic 2000 but didn't really meet him until 2005. Matt is simply the most prolific painter in the world. no dc collection can be complete without a sesow. matt is also one of the most dedicated people i've ever met. he is also Dana Ellyns husband. someday he'll take me up on the going out for drinks offer i always make. ; )
Dana Ellyn
Maybe the second most prolific painter in the world. She's matt sesows wife, making them the most awesome art couple. Dana's work is very obviously akin to matts work, but she has more emphasis on the drawing and coherency of brush work. Her style has noticeably gotten tighter since i first saw it, and i really like the direction it's gone. 
Emily Greene Liddle
Another artist i first saw at Artomatic. And there was a time i saw her work EVERYWHERE. all kinds of shows. I didnt meet emily until the past 2 years I think. she's an amazing painter with a very minimal classy approach, though her content is a bit dark. All the better. She's a super cool woman and she and her husband are two of the nicest people you'll meet. I wish I knew them better. And had a painting.
Billy Colbert
I don't personally know Billy, but his work is absolutely fantastic. I want a piece if his. we have many many mutual friends, so i know he's a great guy. And that's important to me in buying peoples work.
CeCi Cole McInturff
Ceci's studio. gallery is right around the corner from my house. i don't know her well, but i love Ceci and her work just keeps getting better and better. It's probably time to get some before her prices go up.
Brendan Smith
Brendan is a neighbor of mine and really genuine guy. His work is irreverent with really cool found objects. He has a smart biting satire in his work. We'll have to get one of his pieces soon.
I've only met Decoy a handful of times, but if you've been in DC for a bit, you've seen her work. One of the most prolific DC street artists in the 2000's. She's got her own style and a multitude of series. Hopefully DC will have her around for a long time.
Bridget Sue Lambert
Another person i've only met a few times but Bridget is really nice and has a very cool aesthetic. I like miniatures and dollhouse/ diorama/ model kinds of things and she's got that is spades. Cool work, and though photography doesn't tend to draw me, hers does.
Henrik Sundqvist
Cool cool guy. And very dynamic. Henrik founded Art Outlet which has produced some of the most fun art shows in the dc area. His prints are graphic and punk rock and i love that. 
Christian Tribastone
i've never met Chrisitan, though I've tried. I first saw his work at....yup.... Artomatic and absolutely love it. 
Mark Behme
Mark's work is wickedly cool. So complicated and skillful. Plus mark is a great guy and was extremely vital in the work of the washington sculptors group.
Sergio Olivas
I first met Sergio and his awesome artist wife Claudia at Artomatic 2007. I've been to their beautiful studio, which i recommend visiting. i don't see them much and i don't think they are particularly active in the DC gallery world, but i do love them.  A very kind couple, and extremely dedicated to art making.
Sergio's work hits me in a way that jives right. its visceral work that forms a visceral reaction.
Matt Hollis
Matt is a super great guy who creates a wonderful world of soft sculpture. he does photography and prints and drawings, but his sculpture is what i absolutely am drawn toward.

This list will be amended as my brain works through it. 

Then there are far too many people whose work doesn't really fit our collection or house or budget but I admire greatly nonetheless.  Even people who are good friends. I'm not even going to list them, but most are on the WPA Artfile or the WSG Gallery, which i would encourage all DC area collectors to check out.  As i said, a collection of art becomes your voice, you should shape it in a way that jives with you. Buy a piece of art because you love it. 

Los Links:

Mather Studios
Red Dirt Studios
DC Glassworks
Washington Sculptors Group
Washington Glass School

We do have some non-dc artist's pieces too, but that's a different post for a different time.

in short, here are my tips:
1. If you love it buy it now.
2. Buy what you love. buy what speaks to you.
3. It means more if you get to know the artist. Go to open studios. Meet an artist for coffee. Go to openings, but get there early.
4. Take art workshops. you'll make something, learn about the process, and meet tons of artists.

Monday, December 06, 2010

December 11th Sculpture Market

December Sculpture Market & Holiday Open House
ate: Saturday, December 11, 2010
Time: 2:00 til 6:00 pm
3700 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Admission: Free

The adjacent Flux Studios will also be open, featuring JRA Members Novie Trump, Jessica Beals and
Laurel Lukaszewski - make it a day of art!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

(e)merge art fair in dc

Looks like theres another chance for a major art fair in DC.
Kriston Capps over at the Washington City Paper has the story on (e)merge a large art fair to be held at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in September of 2011.

Certainly good news for DC.

Any gallery owners out there want to represent me so I can participate?

Ways to get art this month

want to further you art collection? want to buy art for someone else? come to these three events this month:

1. The Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market
Art, Craft, and other stuff from DC area artisans. and one jeweler from Asheville.
Sunday December 5th 
4-9 PM
Big Bear Cafe
1700 First St NW
More Information here

2. ArtDC Gallery Fundraiser Auction
Come bid on available works form DC area artists.
Saturday December 4th
Art DC Gallery
5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD
More Infomation here

3. Washington Glass Studio Open House
A Joint Open Studio Between The Washington Glass School and Flux Studios
Rania Hassan, Novie Trump, Laural Lukaszewski, Tim Tate, Michael Janis, Erwin Timmers, Robert Kincheloe, Jessica Beels, Nancy Donnelly, Sean Hennessey, and many more will have their work on display. Open Studios are the best way to build your collection of works.
December 11th
2-6 PM
700 Otis Street Mount Rainier, MD 20712 
(202) 744-8222
Washington Glass School
Flux Studios


4. Online Gallery
Use the Coupon Code WHERESMYCOFFEE to get a 10% discount on any sculpture in my online shop

Monday, November 15, 2010


In an article about why artists are leaving new york, a cute little jab at washington, dc:

Industry experts worry that New York will become a place where art is presented but not made, turning the city into an institutionalized sort of Disney Land. One arts executive says it could become “a Washington, D.C.,” a sterile, planned city with a number of cultural institutions but few artists—certainly not a place known as a birthplace for new cultural ideas and trends.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market 2010

Get your Art! Drink your Rum and Cider!
Buy your Christmas Trees!
The Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market Returns!

On Sunday December 5th, from 4-9pm, the Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market returns to the Big Bear Cafe in Washington, DC.

A small sampling of Artists and Artisans selected from the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair will be setting up their work to sell. Big Bear Cafe will be open, Special Holiday Drink will be served, and fresh cut Christmas Trees will be available.

Vendors Include:


Ghost writers, imaginary friends, runaways, unite! Goshdarnknit is illustrated notebooks for your pockets and knit paintings for your walls, all by DC artist Rania. She knits, paints, embroiders, and gocco prints every surface imaginable with swirly tales of cherry swallowing, bunny spinning, arm doodling fun.

Sean Hennessey:

Sean Hennessey creates beautiful wall sculptures from upcylced glass combined with concrete and steel. Using common and slightly nostalgic imagery, he presents work as archeological remnants of our present world and ways of thinking, with hopes to inspire and make your life better.


"60 bugs" is a punk rock song written by a 5 year old. 60bugs is the line of awesome hand-embroidered and gocco-printed stuff inspired by it. Sometimes funny, sometimes absurd, mostly always cute, Debbie Lee of 60bugs makes fun items for all ages like tee shirts, pins, greeting cards and reusable coffee sleeves.

Tiger Flight:

I have a compulsion to make stuff. Lately (at least for the past 2 years) I have been really taken with making stuff out of other stuff. I use recycled materials in the creation of my animals which forces me to incorporate the patterns and shapes inherent in the found materials and work within the limited size and availability of the materials. Each piece I make is unique and done mostly without pattern which helps to reinforce the idea of originality inherent within each creature.

Eve VanDalsen:

Since taking summer classes at Parsons many years ago and apprenticing for a leather smith, I have slowly developed my own business of designing, making, and selling handbags, wallets and dog collars. I use material from deconstructed old leather bags and clothing as well as odd lot remnants and past season skins. Very rarely are two pieces the same. Every single piece is made by me from start to finish in my Capitol Hill basement and dining room table.

Figs & Ginger:

Figs & Ginger makes recycled Sterling Jewelry for all stages of life. Pieces are inspired by Forests and designed to grow with you. A new line of charms & family critter necklaces has been added to the Figs family. Pieces start at $10 and none go above $80. We're affordable, well made, and oh so cute!

Other Special Events!

Book Signing by Rosemarie Onwukwe

New from local author Rosemarie Onwukwe is Bloomingdale, the latest title in Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America Series. In over 200 vintage photographs, Rosemarie shares the history of this historic neighborhood. The book was released on June 14, 2010.

Caroling by Capitol Blend
Capital Blend is a Washington DC based all-female a cappella group.  The group formed in the spring of 2008 when several coworkers at Discovery Communications learned they shared a common interest in singing.  Capitol Blend will be bringing lyric sheets so others may join in.

Buy Holiday Portraits at the Photo Booth
There will be a photo booth with a Christmas themed background. Bloomingdale photographer Tony Rich will be snapping your photos and printing them on the spot.

Christmas Tree Sales from Painted Hand Farm
Painted Hand Farm is a sustainable diversified farm located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. In addition to Christmas Trees, Painted Hand Farm is a regular vendor at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market.

What: Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market
When: Sunday, December 5, 2010
Time: 4-9pm
Where: Big Bear Cafe: 1700 1st Street NW, DC [First and R NW]

(this was cross posted on my personal blog  )

Heres the FACEBOOK page

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Artist's Talk this Friday @TubmanMahanArt

As Part of the Re:Create exhibition at The Tubman Mahan Gallery in the Center for Green Urbanism, there will be an Artist's Talk on Friday November 5th, from 6-8 PM. 

The Artists that will be on-site to talk about their work are:

Sandra Davis
Rania Hassan
Sean Hennessey
Roxanne Jarrett  
Ja’Ski Watkins
Sherry Ways 

Please join us.

The Center for Green Urbanism is located at 3938 Benning Road, NE
One block form the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station on the Orange Line.

More Information about the Exhibit

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The View From the Penland School of Craft.

Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
I was fortunate enough to be a visiting instructor at Penland this past week. i just got back and have a lot to digest. that place is truly amazing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Re:Create at the Center for Green Urbanism

Join Us for ReCREATE "The Art of the Recycled" Opening October 15th!

Join 20 of the area's top visual artists for the opening reception of ReCREATE "The Art of the Recycled" from 6 to 8 p.m. October 15 at the grand opening of the Center for Green Urbanism, DC's new art-infused green business incubator.

The Center provides office and event space to small businesses and start-up companies. During the grand opening reception, the in-house Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery, will debut original works created from recyclable and "eco-friendly" material. The center is located at 3938 Benning Road NE, Washington, DC. Invited guests include Mayor Adrian Fenty; DC Council Chair Vince Gray; Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander; Gloria A. Nauden, Executive Director, DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, and Marvin Bowser, Commissioner (Ward 7), DC Commission on Arts and Humanities.

"ReCREATE is an opportunity to view how 20 local and national artists use everyday items we take for granted or discard to create stunning works of art! Keeping in line with the Center's "green" theme, the Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery will focus on work created with an environmental eye," said Curator Sharon Burton, president of Authentic Contemporary Art. "Join us for what will be an evening of art, music and a true fusion of eco-creativity. Live music by Jazz Flutist Arch Thompson, will provide the ideal entertainment to accompany the amazing work on display."

ReCREATE will be on display through November 13. Artists, include:

Chuck Baxter
Sandra Davis
Jim Duckworth
Chava Evans
Erica Fallin
Magaly Gaza
Christopher Golden
Gints Grinbergs
Rania Hassan
Sean Hennessey
Roxanne Jarrett
Guru Sangat Khalsa
Gloria Kirk
Marla Mclean
Rose Mosner
Jordan Quintero
Wendy Rabinowitz
Kathy Turner
Ja'Ski Watkins
Sherry Ways

The ReCREATE opening reception will culminate a day-long grand opening celebration for the new Center for Green Urbanism, which begins at 2 pm with a ribbon cutting and press conference and continues with center tours, eco-interior design discussions by Certified Interior Environment Coach Sherry Burton-Ways, Design Principal of Design Scheme Interiors, LLC.

About the Center for Green Urbanism

The Center for Green Urbanism was co-founded by DC-based environmental advocates, Zandra and Dennis Chestnut in the Spring of 2010. The mission of the Center for Green Urbanism is to create a business-friendly environment that provides startups with affordable office space and business services in a sustainable and energy-efficent green demonstration facility.  The Center is located in downtown Ward 7, Washington, DC.  Meeting spaces are available and Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the facility.

The is a design model for a "living green business" in an urban setting, by decreasing carbon footprint - promoting home gardening, using energy efficient lighting and appliances, solar shade window treatments, a purified drinking water system, water saving devices and the recycling of trash and waste.  Learn more at

About Authentic Contemporary Art
Authentic Contemporary Art (formally Authentic Art Consulting) was founded in 2005 and now serves as an alternative source for emerging and contemporary art.

Based in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, Authentic Contemporary Art (ACA) creates opportunities for art collectors and emerging contemporary artists to connect through exhibitions and through a juried online art gallery. We also work with a variety of design and art professionals to find the right artwork to fit the right space.

ACA also provides opportunities for individuals who are interested in visual art to learn more about collecting and conserving art through workshops, gallery visits and special events. ACA partners with a variety of art and interior design professionals and organizations to present contemporary art that is accessible and affordable to the novice collector and attractive to established art connoisseurs.

Visit us online at

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafty Bastards is this Saturday!!!!

Please come.

Blue Lock :: Cast Glass, Steel :: 6"x9"

My focus has been a bit different in the last few months. In the past i had been mixing a lot of concrete castings into my exhibitions, but lately it's all been glass. and i've been attempting to make steel frames for all my pieces. and i've been abandoning my very small formats that have been what i mainly exhibited at fairs and festivals. this crafty bastards will showcase the last pieces of my smaller series and i'll be bringing a few slightly larger pieces. if you have been interested in purchasing small works of mine ( less that 12 inches x 12 inches) this may be one of your last chances.

 i will have my remaining concrete doors as well. I've got about 15 left and i don't foresee making more.

Concrete Door :: 6"x3"

I've been doing fewer and fewer street festivals and not sure how i'll approach this next year, but i have been focusing on larger works and commissioned pieces.

We Share What We Have :: Glass, Concrete, Steel :: 24x12

So, come, and get some of my work!

Crafty Bastards
Saturday October 2, 2010
Marie Reed Learning Center
18th street in Adams Morgan
thats basically 2150 18th street nw washington dc for you out of towners.

Specifically, Rania and I will be set up here:

crafty bastards 2010 map!

Online Store (will be restocked next week)
i may have some special offers available to my twitter followers too

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Images from a new series.

Here are the Sculptures I created for my recent show Intersect: Glass Meets Art.

Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum
10001 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301.897.1518

September 7-18, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

upcoming art events that you should attend.

Here are a few places you can purchase my work in the coming month:

Intersect: Glass Meets Art
This is a group exhibit of Washington DC area glass artists. I created 8 new glass panels for this show.
When: This Sunday 1:30-3:30
Where: Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum
10001 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301.897.1518

Arts on Foot
I'll be in the Washington Glass School tent at this yearly downtown event.

When: This Wednesday- Saturday
Where: Outside the Portrait Gallery 8th and F NW in Penn Quarter DC.

Adams Morgan Day

Another big yearly event. the artists will be set up along Belmont. I'll be in the Washington Glass School tent

When This Sunday
Where 18th and Belmont NW in Adams Morgan DC

Crafty Bastards
Huge Awesome indie craft festival. not to be missed.
When: Saturday October 2nd
Where: Marie Reed Learning Center. 18th St NW in Adams Morgan DC.


Friday Gallery Openings in Penn Quarter

REYES + DAVIS Gallery sent out this nice reminder of gallery openings in Penn Quarter

Friday, September 03, 2010

the "c" word

see CraftScotland

PBR sign at solly's tavern on u street

Pbr sign at solly's
Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
PBR is sponsoring a PBRbeque at Sollys Tavern this sunday and hired me to paint an old sign by the stairway.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Intersect: Glass Meets Art

I will be participating in a glass exhibition with a few other washington dc based glass artists at the Ratner Museum in Bethesda , MD.

Intersect: Glass Meets Art
In-ter-sect:  (in-ter-sekt) To cut across or overlap each other, to have one or more points in common.

The eight artists in this exhibit have each been on an artistic journey and perhaps, still are. Their travels have taken them to different places and each unique journey distinguishes each artist from the other. Most of them have crossed paths at some point. In this exhibit, the artists, all independently chosen, converge for INTERSECT: Glass Meets Art. Glass and art are the points they have in common.
Sean Hennessey, a sculptor and painter, currently works in glass and concrete, creating narrative works inspired by artifacts, mythology, and common everyday objects. Jill Tanenbaum combines her graphic art background with glass to create her unique designs. Jill is the president of Jill Tanenbaum Graphic Design and Advertising, Inc..  In her dynamic glass and mixed media creations, in which depth and contrast are dominant, Anne Elise Pemberton explores the relationship between plant, human, and atomic structures. Robert Weiner’s Colorbar Murrine Series, affords him the opportunity to experiment with color, fusing temperatures, and to express a personal style that reflects simplicity with a close attention to detail. Creating with confidence and passion, Judith Busby uses the copper-foil technique in stained glass.  Her drawing and painting background has evolved over time into original designs for both glass works and fiber art quilts Nancy Weisser is an award winning multimedia artist with a focus on glass since 1980. As owner of Weisser Glass Studio, one of the original teaching studios in the area Nancy has made a substantial contribution to the dynamic growth of the Washington glass community. Kari Minnick holds a degree in studio art from the University of California and has been an exhibiting artist and educator for over twenty-five years. Collected internationally, Kari's works are in private, corporate and embassy collections. Benjamin Bornstein brings his personal point of view and approach to glass art to this diverse group.
Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum
10001 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301.897.1518

September 7-28, 2010
Reception: Sunday September 12 from 1:30-3:30 pm

More information about each artists:
Kari Minnick
Nancy Weisser
Judith Busby
Ann Pemberton
Jill Tanenbaum
Robert Weiner
Sean Hennessey
Ben Bornstein

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DCCAH Fellowship Applicants Exhibit

When:  Opening Night, Friday, August 13, 2010 at 6:00pm
                Gallery Hours: Wed. – Friday 11am-5pm, Sat. 11am-3pm
                Exhibition Closes, Wednesday, August 25th, 2010, 5pm

Where:  The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Farm Center
                 1632 U St NW, Washington DC, 20009