Sunday, April 29, 2007

Artomatic Arts Market Today! 3-9 pm.

In addition to the art exhibition currently running, 30 artist will be setting up to sell their smaller pieces of art and design. Please come out and check it out!

3-9 PM on the 8th floor.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rock and Roll Hotel TONIGHT!

Some out and see a lot of art at the Rock and Roll Hotel Tonight!

The Big Art Show

Saturday, April 28th
@ The Rock And Roll Hotel
1353 H Street, NE,
Washington, DC 20002
Doors @ 7 ~ all ages ~ $5

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Art Show and The Marketplace at Artomatic

Two big events to see Art.

Saturday Night!

The Big Art Show
Saturday, April 28th
@ The Rock And Roll Hotel
1353 H Street, NE,
Washington, DC 20002
Doors @ 7 ~ all ages ~ $5

Sunday afternoon/evening
The Marketplace at Artomatic
This Sunday from 3-9!

Artists and artisans will set up an arts market from 3-9 PM this coming Sunday, April 29th at Artomatic in the Emerald Cafe on the 8th Floor.

Items ranging from sculpture to book arts, from prints to weird things with no accurate description will be on display and available for sale. T-shirts and other such items will be abundant. All things are made or designed by the Artist.

come out and see us!
2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA (Crystal City metro)
Artists Include:
Sean Hennessey
Rania Hassan
Beth Baldwin
Kristina Bilonic
Michael Stebbins

Jim tretick
Anita Knight
Roger cutler
eileen colton
jeanine valrie
Claudia Olivos
Sergio Olivos
jennifer beinhacker
Eileen Keefe
Moira McCauley
Pattie Lee
Anthony Dihle
Fort cloudy
Virginia Blanca Arrisueno
Jenny Isaacs

Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been mentioned.

Thanks to Tim Tate and Elizabeth Morisette for mentioning my work at Artomatic

Tims mention comes from Mid Atlantic Art News and can be found here

Elizabeth's mention comes from her blog HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Saturday, April 28th
@ The Rock And Roll Hotel
1353 H Street, NE,
Washington, DC 20002
Doors @ 7 ~ all ages ~ $5

aj nutter
Alyssa Lesser & Mary Economides
Amy Groark
Analiese Kornely
anthony weber
Ash Evans
Bill Whitcher
Carolyn Belefski
Carrie Lipscomb
chandi kelley
Charles David Stephens
chrystal robinson
clint meister
DC Craft Mafia
Derisory Designs
dominica paige
Dottie Guy
Esther Hidalgo
Eric Kennedy
Fort Cloudy
Frank Sobczynski
J Ingram
J. Z. Carr
Jack Whitsitt
jamie chiarello
jared bowditch
Jason Cohen
Jenn Verrier
Jesse Rinyu
Jim Horwat
Jocelyn Bassler
Joey Butterfield
Joy Cooney
Kerry Carolan
Kimberly Keyes Stark
Lara Ghelerter
Lindsay Lamon
Loree Gunn
Mary Paula Malucci
meghan long
Michael Auger
Michelle Miller
Natalie Cavanagh
Nguyet Vuong
Owen Beckmann
Patrick Calder
Pindar A. Van Arman
Rachel Ade
Rachel Harlich
Rania Hassan
Robin Walker
Rose Principe
Ryan Dassing
sarah ingerson
Scott Siskind
sean hennessey
Sharon Burton
Stefanie Sylvester
Stephanie Hulbert
Steve Strawn
Terry Lee Popejoy II
the defiant designer
Tina Henry-Barrus
Tina seamonster
Tracy Lee
Vernon Langley

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Artomatic Favorites ( top 8 and counting....)

so far, these are some of my favorites from Artomatic 2007.
I'll fine tune this list and add a few more to get an obligatory top 10.

1. Veronica Szalus- metal spikes,paper and plaster: perfect combination.

2. Novie trump- Novie's series of ceramic sculpture is beautiful. great textures, wonderful themes. skilled execution. i'm a big fan of Novie's work.

3. Rebecca Gordon- Ant-O-Matic. just because it's insane.

4. Laurel Lukaszewski - Laurel is a studio mate of mine and seeing her work everyday is inspiring. it has this wonderful ordered craziness to it. so structured but expelling radical ions. i really like Laurel's work and this installation is a smart use of her space.

5. Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette- This is a perfect installation. wrapping around the column in front of big windows. smells wonderfully of beeswax. powdercoated paper. Stunning to see and smell.

6. Sergio OlivosM- i like his use of wax and burnt objects. the organic quality of his work really appeals to me. I respond to these on a very visceral level.

7. Cory Oberndorfer:

because whoever can combine both these images in one presentation rocks. look at the egg!

8.Joanna Knox i'm especially excited that i'll be having an exhibit with this photographer later in the year. Her work has a clean but eerie feeling. shes seems to use white much like Andrew Wyeth.....and in a way that parallels my limited use of color, in my mind anyway. Nonetheless her imagery is intriguing.there is a quiet desolation i enjoy.

though i'm not sure if they are my top ten favorites yet
I really like this piece:
Its a graphite drawing straight on the wall. I'm a big fan of installation painting.... so this is kinda up my alley. I don't know who did it. *Alexandra Silverthorne mentions that its John Adams*

This and other pieces by Michael Stebbins are pretty cool:

There are a bunch of encaustic artists too that i'm really digging on:

Sondra Arkin, who has an opening of MORE work at Nevin Kelly gallery on thursday.

and this artist, whose name i don't recall:

then there was the person that did this piece:

though i thought that only two of them had much bite.

There weren't too many straight up painters than were doing incredible work, but these paintings by Claudia Olivos were beautiful, especially displayed together. i'm afraid that if you buy her work, you'll have to buy 5 or six paintings to display next to each other

There are a number of other excellent artists, but are either good friends of mine, or my wife, so i can't really add them to my top ten, even though their work is new and exciting.
here are some pictures of their work:

Rania Hassan

Tim Tate:

Michael Janis

Kirk Waldroff:

Erwin Timmers

All in all i think that this years Artomatic has the most professional vibe to it, though perhaps at the expense of experimentalism. Its very well put together, the presentations are tight. There are some artists that have retained the energy from the original AOM at the Manhatten Laundry, but more have moved on and it seems that the energy of AOM has changed altogether.

I wager that Art Outlet will fill the experimental niche........

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artomatic Interactive Map.

Click HERE

Find out where everyone is.
I'm in 6A57 top right corner of the map.

Washington Post on Artomatic.

The Washington Post has put together a nice piece about artomatic. If you wait long enough on the slide show, you'll see a detail of one of my pieces!

Artomatic opens tomorrow night!
Click here for more info


My space is room 6A57.
come visit. introduce yourself. say hi.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

April May events. Lots of Art!

Please check out some of the events that i will be participating in during the next couple of months.

Opening –Friday April 13th Noon until 1 AM.
Free admission.
April 13–May 20, 2007
2121 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Va.

Metro stop:
Crystal City
After 4PM there is free underground parking in the Crystal City Shops
across the street.

Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Noon–10 p.m.
Thursday: Noon–11 p.m.
Friday, Saturday: Noon–1 a.m.
Closed Mondays

My Room, which I share with Rania Hassan and Kirk Waldroff, is on the
6th Floor. # 6A57.
I will post a map here on my blog when it becomes available

Please come to this gigantic event, if not for your love for me, for
the love of lively arts events.

2. The Big Art Show
Saturday - April 28th ONE NIGHT ONLY!
7pm - $5 admission - All ages
The Rock and Roll Hotel
1353 H Street NE
Washington, DC
(Between 12th and 13th streets)
Rock and Roll Hotel

For details visit...

I along with at least 30 other artists will be exhibiting and selling
small works.

3. Come learn all my deep dark secrets!

I'll be teaching two weekend workshops in May.

-Beginners Mold Making and Concrete Casting
May 5-6th
Students will learn simple pour molds using rubber. We will create
concrete and nontoxic fiberglass castings.
Click HERE for more info

-Color and Concrete
May 19th and 20th.
This class explores the use of color in concrete. You will learn to
cast using pigmented cement, and we will play with concrete stains.
Click HERE for more info

Both of these classes are designed for the beginner and you will
leave with real honest to goodness pieces of sculpture, as well as the
knowledge to tackle larger projects.
For more information, or to register for these classes, CLICK HERE

May 19th Noon – 5 PM.
3708 Wells Ave REAR
Mount Rainier, MD.
Just over the District line off of Rhode Island Avenue.
Click here for directions
I along with many other gateway district artists will be hosting our
spring open studios. Please come out to see scores of artists in their
natural habitat.

5. Gateway District Artists Exhibition.
May 4-31st
Reception May 4th 6-9 PM
3311 Rhode Island Avenue
Mount Rainier, MD.

In conjunction with the Open Studios above and the opening of an art
gallery in Mount Rainier, there will be a month long exhibit of
Gateway District Artists.

6. Other things

As always, I have small works and studio experiments available through
my online shop

Larger works of Art available at my studio. Please call or email to
make an appointment.

I am also available for creative wall work for your home. Whether
murals, faux finishes, decorative paint work, Venetian plaster, or
installations I can help you turn your living space into a work of

Look here for more info:
Scenic Artisans

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

new gallery in mount rainier

H & F Fine Arts

H & F Fine Arts
3311 Rhode Island Avenue
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
301.887.0080 gallery
301.887.0058 fax

Monday - closed
Tuesday - Friday - 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday - 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Open House
Saturday, April 14th 12:00 PM-6:00 PM
Meet the Artists 2:00-6:00 PM