Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A collection, a unique exhibit, and an open studio party spectacular

Happy Halloween.

I'd like to share few things going on.

-Tonight, as i've mentioned, is the art opening at DC city hall, the Wilson Building, to kick of the collection of art work that they have aquired. I have two sculptures in this collection and will be there tonight from 4:30 to 7. If you would like to come please RSVP to

-I will be participating in this unique public art/private home exhibition.

-I will also be hosting an OPEN STUDIO PARTY on NOVEMBER 12, from 1 PM until (at least ) 6 PM. There will be other artists in the area having open studios as well. My studio address is
3708 Wells Ave REAR, Mount Rainier, MD 20712

We'll have drinks and food and lots of art! Come see the new pieces i've been working on, and some works in progress. Come hang out with other artists and art lovers.

please pass it around, the space is big and can hold lots of people!

sean hennessey

My Studio Location

If you would like to request a studio visit please email me

My Address is
3708 Wells Ave REAR, MT Rainier, MD 20712

Wells Avenue runs along the train tracks. I am on the other side of the building, on the first floor. You will see a sign that says SCENIC ARTISANS and a Washington Glass School banner.

From Rhode Island Avenue,
go SOUTH on 34th (at the traffic circle in Mount Ranier)
take a right on OTIS STREET
You will see a group a white warehouses. I am located between the two that are next to each other.

thats a lot of water

thats a lot of water
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Monday, October 30, 2006

a little fixing up

i have added a few links and buttons of the side bar over there ----->
some new links, deleted some and still hope to add some more.

please check out the stuff.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The DC art collection

Lenny muses about the Wilson Building art collection and possible reporter coverage

RSVP here:

its going to be big.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Who do you think you are?

1. An Artist- go here
2. A Collector - go here
3. Someone that wants to buy some small sculptures - go here
4. a Sculptor- go here
5 A Curator - go here
6. Someone that wants their house to look cool - go here

Thursday, October 26, 2006

studio goings on

i was reading this post over at decor8 and was thinking about coffee, and my studio.

Yesterday, having run out of coffee at home, i stopped by Artmosphere Cafe on my way to the studio for my morning fix. A few hours later i need some more jolt, so i headed over to Glut and picked up some expresso and lunch.

I came back to the shop and scrubbed off the washington glass schools estranged espresso maker. Only one of those guys is a coffeefiend like me. So i offered him some.

Now the funny thing is, like the decor8 post, suggests, coffee isn't really a "time" for me. i could drink the junk all day long, and sometimes do. My first email address was "wheresmycoffee" in honor of my absent mindedness in wandering around a previos shopspace with my ever constant mug o'faithful.

But Erwin, the coffeefiend, is European. And as such,i believe for him it is a "time". So we had two or three breif little coffee talks in the last coupla days. It's quite nice really. not make me change my ways kinda nice, but nice nonetheless.

But this moves me on to the changes that are taking place. The glass school will be moving across the alley and other artists will be moving into my space. I've heard a number of rumours as to who they might be. Laurel Lukaszewski, Carole Greenwood , Al Miner, and Ellyn Weiss are the names being thrown around. (do any of you read this blog?)

My wife, who occasionally shares the space, has asked me a few times how i will deal with the feminine energy switch. its an interesting thought to consider. She has expressed her feelings of the decidedly masculine aura that is currently prevalent.

I have never work around so many women in a shop before. i guess we shall see.
this week i have been working on some small playful paintings, various concrete castings and s number of small relief pieces, as well as experimenting with new finishes

anyway, save the date of november 12th for an open studio/ party out in mount rainier.

i'll send out/post something official next week.


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i'm sure this image will wind up in a piece of mine soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween reminder.

Please send an email to: CAROLYN.PARKER@DC.GOV to RSVP

Start All Hallows Eve with an Art Party at City Hall!

crazy huh?

DC City Hall has recently purchased a large number of art works from over 100 local artists, including two of my sculptures and Halloween is the party to celebrate!

Here is the info

When- HALLOWEEN 5-7 PM Speaker at 6:00. Start your holiday with ART!

Where- The WILSON BUILDING 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW ( enter on the Penn Ave side) Federal triangle or metro center stations are closest.

Who- EVERYBODY. kids, seniors, ghouls and goblins, whatever. they say there will be treats for the kids...

Why- The city bought two pieces of my sculpture (among some more famous others....)!

How- you MUST RSVP to CAROLYN.PARKER@DC.GOV OR 202-724-2042. Also you need photo ID to get in the building. Other that your invaded privacy it's FREE

What- A reception for the 100+ artists, music by the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Jazz Combo, food from the Whole Foods Market, candy for the kids.

Please come and show city hall how much we love and wish to support city sponsored Art in DC!

and Please, pass this along.....

Thank you very much


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i'm not much a nature photgrapher.... never never never can i catch what i feel ... but i like the purples and greens here.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

fells point row

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I really enjoy my ( more and more frequent ) day trips to baltimore.
I really only know a few neighborhoods; hampden, fells point, mount vernon, and federal hill. if you have great suggestions for some baltimore doin's i'd love to hear them.

Saturday, Rania and I hit Flutog down in the inner harbor, peaked around some federal hill streets, the down to fells point for some brick oven pizza. We walked around fells point a bunch and got a tour of the Canadian Frigate "the Toronto".

more pictures here:

angela kleis, photographer

visit her website HERE

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pssst... wanna buy some art?

I have been putting some small pieces up on my online store.
There are also a lot of other interesting pieces and artists selling on Etsy too, in case my stuff isn't to you liking.

Check it out here:

Pssst... wanna buy some art?

I have been putting some small pieces up on my online store.
There are also a lot of other interesting pieces and artists selling on Etsy too, in case my stuff isn't to you liking.

Check it out here:

Friday, October 13, 2006

i added a concrete piece

i added a concrete pieces to my online shop of small sculptures. Also, i now take paypal.

please check it out:

i'm working on small prints based on some small drawings i've been doing lately.

calling all artists

please consider participating in this public art project.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

flame working in del rey.

this seems like it'll be good. del rey artisans does some great stuff, and this seems pretty cheap.

Glass Flameworkers and Wannabes!
Act now!

There are still spots open in the October 14 & 15 "Lampwork Glass with Lisa St. Martin" workshop, but you need to register!

Our gallery will be transformed into a working glass studio for this event while renowned bead artist Lisa St. Martin teaches this exciting hands-on course for beginning and continuing glass artisans. The fee for this workshop is $185 for DRA members ($205 for non-members). For more information, contact: Joan Ulrich at ulrichclay@aol.com or Cell 703-229-3563. For info about Lisa St. Martin, visit: www.glassbeads.com

Lampwork Glass Class
Glass Flameworkers Workshop October 14-15

On October 14-15, Lisa St. Martin will bring her working glass studio to The DRA gallery for a two-day workshop. Each participant will have his own workstation. Torches, tools and glass will be provided.

Lisa happily welcomes all skill levels, however this will be an ideal setting for a beginner wanting to try their hand at this ancient craft with minimal investment. You’ll have the opportunity to practice shaping the glass beads, with tools (and gravity!), decorating your pieces with fine strands of contrasting colors applied as stripes or dots. As the weekend progresses you’ll become more proficient in moving the glass in the flame, forming the beads and blending colors.

As you gain confidence using the materials, you can start imagining and designing your own beads. Lisa will help you think through construction of your design for optimal success. The experienced student can work with Lisa one-on-one to learn more advanced skills and techniques, so come ready with your current challenges. If you’d appreciate some constructive criticism, bring samples of your work.

Learn more about Lisa St. Martin at her website www.glassbeads.com.

The workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 14-15, 2006 at the DRA gallery. 10 AM-5 PM. Fee is $185 for DRA members, $205 for non-members.

All materials will be provided, please bring a sack lunch. Maximum of 8 participants, pre-registration required. To register, contact Joan Ulrich at ulrichclay@aol.com or call Joan at 703.660.2382.

2704 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia
703.838.4827 / www.TheDelRayArtisans.org

Sunday, October 08, 2006


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sketch for sculptures

project 4 opening.

project 4
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October 6 - November 9, 2006

this is a piece by Tricia Keightley at Project 4 gallery.

the show runs until november 9th.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

art mondays.....

remember art mondays? do you even read this? i have no idea... anyway.
If'n we start it back up.. which i've been thinking about a lot more as we get into the fall.... i want to do it at the bar i went to last night.

fun fun fun place. creepy decor. great feel. i got some nice sketching done too.
hopefully mondays will always stay a bit slow in "The Atlas"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Online store for arts and such.

I have recently updated my Etsy.com shop. Check it out.

I have a few new small sculpture pieces.

Private Home/ Public Art

Here is a fun idea for some art for the public to see in the city.

Check out the site here

The Private Home/Public Art Project features artists who use the outside of their homes and studios to exhibit work. PHP Artists have complete aesthetic control over the work and direct and immediate access to the public. The public, in turn, benefits from a diverse, intellectually invigorating streetscape. The only criteria are that the work is designed as public art, preferably site-specific, and is accessible 24/7.

Monday, October 02, 2006

where in DC?

Guess where DC.

a fun dc geography/ location game.

Crafty Bastards

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Crafty Bastards was wildly popular. There were tons and tons of people. good music. fun art. and some great breakdancing.