Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Article about Bloomingdale DC

My friend Suzanne Des Marais wrote a wonderful piece on the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, DC in District Home Magazine.

From 2003 until recently I lived in and loved the neighborhood. It was the first and only place that felt like home to me. I began the Bloomingdale Neighborhood Blog in the hopes of creating a place for people to find information on the area and to foster interaction and identity. It was a pretty fun time for blogging and especially for providing hyper local news. I learned a lot about the area and the city and met tons of neighbors. I took many photos of the neighborhood and started a flickr group for others to share their shots.

I no longer write for the blog but passed it on to a neighborhood stalwart Scott Roberts who contributes a dizzying amount of information for the neighborhood. 

The article mentions a bit of my work in the neighborhood; the painting on the back of Big Bear Cafe, the patterned paintwork at Boundary Stone, and the paintings on the side if Field to City. 

It also includes an image of a cast glass piece I made for Rustik Tavern. It doesn't mention the sign I painted for Grassroots Gourmet. My goal had been to work with all the businesses in the neighborhood, so I did pretty well with it. 

Really, it's the best neighborhood in Washington, DC and I'm pretty heartbroken to have had to leave it.

Read all about it and some neighborhood businesses here: