Thursday, October 25, 2012

ART Tonight, Tomorrow, Saturday. Do these things.

If you are DC, there are a few cool things going on this weekend.

Go to this:
SOAPBOX is excited to present two Boston-based duos Creighton Baxter and Hayley Morgenston, and Sarah Hill and Jessica Borusky, and Baltimore/Providence Xavier Valentine for October's Soapbox.

See More info HERE
Hillyer Art Space

Friday Night

1. First come to my closing reception and buy a piece.

410 Florida Avenue NW
5-8 PM

Limited Edition release artist series DC Brau at Kushi
kelly is awesome. he painted up the place and designed some new DC brau cans. 
go look at art, eat, and drink good beer.

465 K street NW

 Open Studio at DC Glassworks!
they've added more space! the best hot shop in the dc area. definitely go!
5346 46th Avenue  Hyattsville, MD

52 O Street Open Studios
One of the coolest artists housing in the city. you will be impressed.
52 O Street NW

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

newsletter full of lies and misinformation

Occasionally, my wife and I get it together and send out a newsletter of our arts events. Sometimes we offer discounts and secret sales. maybe invites to VIP previews. treasure chests of gold and iphones. you never know.

sign up HERE
we just switched over to mailchimp because we met one of their people at the summit of awesome and they bribed us. we're prolly sending one out a newsletter tomorrow.

we will never ever ever sell your info, unless we're really strapped for cash.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Closing Reception for Reimagining Alice October 26th

There will be a closing reception on Friday October 26th, 2012 for my exhibition Reimagining Alice: A mixedmultimedia series based on Alice in Wonderland.

If you weren't able to make it, or just want to see it again, please join me.
I just got some fresh images of the work made by Anything Photo Please check them out on my website

Friday October 26th
5-8 PM
410 Goodbuddy Gallery
410 Florida Avenue NW

Please check the map below if you haven't been to 410 Goodbuddy. Some folks gps put them on the other side of Rhode Island Ave.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

21st century reliquaries

I just got back from a trip to Penland School of Craft in Spruce Pine North Carolina. I've been down there a number of times and have always enjoyed my visit.
The first trip I took, was way back in 2005, when my wife Rania Hassan, and I took a glass blowing class that Tim Tate and Michael Janis had set up durring the winter.

Penland Feb 05 Sean Marber Bubble
Me, being taught to blow a tiny tiny bubble by Simone Travisano.
I actually used that bubble in the reliquary i made for class.

I've been down to their annual auction twice, and even helped teach a technique as a visiting (assistant) instructor a couple of years ago.

This visit I went down as the Studio Assistant, along with Rob Kincheloe,  for Tim Tate's one week 21st Century Reliquaries class. I was to show the class examples of the Dry Plaster Casting technique that the Washington Glass school pioneered and I use in all of my work. It was great to be down there in a more official capacity and actually get to work. In my past visits, I've felt a bit distant and removed from the intensity of the experience. This time we got straight to work.

We started Sunday night with a class orientation, a slide show of the history of reliquaries, and we all shared images of our own work.  We got to know each other a bit.


Mary O'Shaughnessy

We hit the ground like mad on Monday working doing demonstrations on Rubber Mold Making, Wax Casting, Plaster/Silica Mold Making, Lost wax, Dry Plaster Casting, Painting Glass, Cutting Glass, Glass etching, Flameworking. we talked through ideas with students, help shape the directions of work, encouraged, excited, and admired all their interest and energy. We went through pretty much everything except glass blowing. But since the absolutely incredible Pablo Soto was teaching a glass blowing class in the next room, and even had his class make domes for our class.

Stories of regret were created, stories of anger, stories of triumph, religion, lamenting the death of bees, cheering the death of squirrels, issues of money, sexuality, and hope were all created.

All in all a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend taking a class there.
Check out my slideshow of the class and the work that was created.