Monday, March 23, 2009

damn, its been hectic

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this shot is from the pucini lubel gallery in seattle. terrific space and show.

things have been rather hectic for me since about August. not complaining, mind you, but i'm a bit wiped out.

and behind on three big projects.
one of the projects is reinstalling a sculpture i created but with a stronger, custom made mounting bracket. this brought me back to welding.

In college, i did a lot of steel fabricated sculpture, and armatures for hand built clay pieces. i did a little welding in my first job constructing sets for theatre. then, i hadnt touched a welder in about 10 years.

i helped Erwin Timmers teach a few MIG classes at the Washington Glass School, and just finished up a 2 day Welding Workshop with Chas Colburn and Sam Noto that i organized for the Washington Sculptors Group.

so now i have regained my skills to create structurally sound steel brackets, armatures and sculptures. and a space to work in as Sam Noto of LandSculpture Studios offered me a month long residency in his Beltsville, MD shop. pretty freakin exciting.

So, im still crazy busy, my studio is an unbelievable wreck, but its all fun stuff at least.

Alos this week, i'm finishing up a piece for a show at the Foundry Gallery in DC. i'm moving in the direction of free standing pieces, but its a gradual move. i still and in love with wall reliefs.

i'll prolly come back, edit this post a bit, add html and all, but thought i'd just post something since its been so quiet here on the blog.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009