Sunday, July 15, 2012


The owner of Art Whino Gallery just published a new book called Newbrow.

“Newbrow: 50 Contemporary Artists”

Newbrow art is an underground art movement featuring pop surrealism and strong social commentary. View the cross section of Newbrow art with 50 contemporary artists displaying the embodiment of humor and commentary of the underground comix movement.

Atglen P.A. — This vivid art book spotlights 50 artists of the Newbrow art, pop surrealism movement with over 180 striking color photos of their work. Artists from across the US, Denmark, Germany, and Australia are featured. The images themselves are filled with powerful social commentary, startling imagery, and sharp humor. The work ranges from that of street artists who trace back to the 1980s hip hop culture, using tools such as stenciling, wheat pasting, spray paint, and guerilla art installations, to illustrative artists who trace their backgrounds to graphic design and illustration. For those unfamiliar with Newbrow art, the author describes it as, “…a raw unapologetic form of expression that represents today’s current culture.” The artists presented are arranged alphabetically in the book, with text providing information about each artist’s life, inspiration, influences, and style. Contact information for each artist is also provided.
Art Whino