Friday, August 23, 2013

Explaining my Work: Sharing What is Held Close

I'm going to start a series of posts that share a glimpse of what i'm thinking about in making the works that i create. I do love when people bring their own explanations to works but i feel that a little behind the scene thinking from the artist is valuable too. let me know what you think!

Sharing What is Held Close
Glass, Paint, LED, Steel

This piece began with my thoughts of locks. As both a means of protection and an obstacle keeping you away. I've done a number of pieces that are explorations of this ambiguity. I considered how to develop a narrative around this. I have an absolute love of Mediterranean decorative tile work, but also appreciate the symbology of patternwork. there is an activation of space, an excitement with color pattern displays, but internally we find the patterns of how we deal with others. This dualism appealed to me. I wanted to make it very personal.  I've become increasingly aware of my inability to let others know me. the patterns of my own protections. my walls. my desire to know others without letting them in. a repetition of that pattern. i've only really let people know me through my work. And even that has been very cryptic. While still a struggle for me to really be open with others, I am trying. This piece represents that attempt. But even within that, when i reach out to others, there is always the fear that i've been too open, too outgoing, too personal and I visualize my arms being chopped off.  Thats the risk, the possibility that i may lose the desire to reach out altogether. I think this is why i have gravitated toward artwork. i can make things, express myself, and others can choose to witness, partake, engage in their own way, at their own time, or simply walk away. i can put my things out there and let them be. I have no fear of interacting that way, but i did have a fear of something deeper.
This piece is about a reciprocity of fear, and the attempts to overcome the impersonal. Both are scared, both have protections and things we are hesitant to share. It is about the process of overcoming these patterns of interactions and fear. Sharing the things we hold close.

I've been doing this more and more. with mixed results. even this post makes me feel like i'm pushing my self into the faces of others. but i'll give it a try. and at least i still have my arms. (knock on wood)

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Arty4ever said...

Have no fear! Reach out and bravely unlock the barriers!