Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exhibition at Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida

I've got an exhibit coming up in a very cool place, the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St Pete, Florida.
Not only that, but the day after the opening I'll be speaking at the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St Pete. Super Fun!

The Gallery will be hosting a show with some of the Washington Glass School Artists; Sean Hennessey, Tim Tate, Michael Janis, Erwin Timmers, and Alegra Marquart. Seems theres been a great relationship between Duncan and the WGS for quite a while. A long long time ago Duncan bought the glass school a big ole kiln to help them get started. He's that kind of guy. The cash bar at the gallery funds programs for at risk kids in the St. Pete region. Duncan's built a glass hot shop for visiting artists to work and do demos. Apparently he throws great opening parties, and i'm looking forward to finding out first hand.

While I had once exhibited with Duncan in a big glass show in Georgetown, DC, I hadn't actually met him. This past week my cousin Tommy was marrying the woman of his dreams in Tampa and I went down for the wedding. This gave me an opportunity to vist Duncan and I was thrilled to see what he has going on. His gallery/hot shop/ event space/ fruit tree orchard compound was amazing and beautiful. He told me he started his gallery so he could make sure artists were treated right. so solid.

He was showing two cool glass artists Jason Chakravarty and Eoin Breadon, who I got to meet.  plus a number of other artists work were present in the gallery.

If you are in St Pete, come on by

Duncan McClellan Glass Gallery
550 24th St. South
St Petersburg Florida

Opening Night
Saturday May 11th
The exhibit runs through June 30th.

Artist Lecture
Sunday May 12th ( Mothers Day)

Museum of Fine Arts
255 Beach Drive N.E.
St. Petersburg, FL

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