Sunday, January 12, 2020

Relentless Optimism
Glass, Paint, LED, Wood

"Relentless Optimism" portrays an old bicycle pump pushing out Edison lightbulbs in the the air. I think of art, and many ways of living, as doing our best to put good energy and thoughts in to the world. Some ideas sink, some soar, but this pieces is about the relentless pursuit of trying no matter what. The colors are bight and intense, but there is a patina of age to suggest the past. The piece has an inner glow and radiance from the LEDs, and a dichroic layer that changes color as the viewer changes their view of the work. The light accentuates the layers in the glass, the bulbs, the pump, and amplifies the dichroic color shift. The piece contains its own light and as you walk past them, the colors shift in a dynamic and dramatic way.