Sunday, August 29, 2010

Intersect: Glass Meets Art

I will be participating in a glass exhibition with a few other washington dc based glass artists at the Ratner Museum in Bethesda , MD.

Intersect: Glass Meets Art
In-ter-sect:  (in-ter-sekt) To cut across or overlap each other, to have one or more points in common.

The eight artists in this exhibit have each been on an artistic journey and perhaps, still are. Their travels have taken them to different places and each unique journey distinguishes each artist from the other. Most of them have crossed paths at some point. In this exhibit, the artists, all independently chosen, converge for INTERSECT: Glass Meets Art. Glass and art are the points they have in common.
Sean Hennessey, a sculptor and painter, currently works in glass and concrete, creating narrative works inspired by artifacts, mythology, and common everyday objects. Jill Tanenbaum combines her graphic art background with glass to create her unique designs. Jill is the president of Jill Tanenbaum Graphic Design and Advertising, Inc..  In her dynamic glass and mixed media creations, in which depth and contrast are dominant, Anne Elise Pemberton explores the relationship between plant, human, and atomic structures. Robert Weiner’s Colorbar Murrine Series, affords him the opportunity to experiment with color, fusing temperatures, and to express a personal style that reflects simplicity with a close attention to detail. Creating with confidence and passion, Judith Busby uses the copper-foil technique in stained glass.  Her drawing and painting background has evolved over time into original designs for both glass works and fiber art quilts Nancy Weisser is an award winning multimedia artist with a focus on glass since 1980. As owner of Weisser Glass Studio, one of the original teaching studios in the area Nancy has made a substantial contribution to the dynamic growth of the Washington glass community. Kari Minnick holds a degree in studio art from the University of California and has been an exhibiting artist and educator for over twenty-five years. Collected internationally, Kari's works are in private, corporate and embassy collections. Benjamin Bornstein brings his personal point of view and approach to glass art to this diverse group.
Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum
10001 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301.897.1518

September 7-28, 2010
Reception: Sunday September 12 from 1:30-3:30 pm

More information about each artists:
Kari Minnick
Nancy Weisser
Judith Busby
Ann Pemberton
Jill Tanenbaum
Robert Weiner
Sean Hennessey
Ben Bornstein

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