Friday, November 11, 2005

today, friday 11/11

i'm taking off from working today.

slow morning then heading out with my wife for some gallery hopping.

we're gonna check out the winslow homer show

and some renaissance sculpture

at the National Gallery

Theres an exhibit at the Library of Congress i want to hit too.
Bound for Glory: America in Color

Then some walking around, maybe some galleries... i dunno yet.

Theres an opening at the DCAC tonight.

I'm meeting up with Kirk Waldoff and Kristina Bilonick there. Kirk, Rania, and i have been doing weekly collages, so we thought this would be a fun show to hit together. Kristina will be joining our group project starting monday.
Then the long trip up to Bethesda to Tim Tates opening at the Fraser Gallery.

Also, the fraser gallery usually has some pretty damn fine sangria.

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