Friday, November 25, 2005

something funny just happened to me.....

generally i despise HOME DESPOT in DC. i have found the staff to be lacking in knowledge and respect. i have been ignored, insulted, nearly run over, and given the completely wrong information by staff there.

I have gone there too many times to count. having done work as a painter, sculptor, and carpenter, in addition to renovating a house, i have heard the sirens cal of its one stop convenience, large parking lot, and proximity.. about 6 blocks from my house!

But so many times have i left pissed off, that i vowed off buying paint there ever again ( except primer, that is). i usually buy concrete and cement there, however. Concrete bags come in 50lbs sacks. portland cement comes in 100 lbs sacks. I aint luggin that round the corner from fragers ( the place i DO uby my paint from) Sometime i go to national capitol industries, but if the only thing i need is concrete and white hydrocal. its actually the only place to buy white hydrocal in the city.

So, today i needed concrete and cement. I walk into the store and THREE HUMANS greet me with SMILES! ans say, "Can we HELP YOU?".@#$%$#@$$$!&*. I have heard that exactly one other time in the store that i have been going to since the week it opened.

i said, " Are you people crazy?".. then i looked around for the candid camera. then said, " what the hell is going on here?" a daze i stuttered, "i...i...i... j..j..j.just wanttttttt........ccccccc....nnnnoo. i..i...i'm good. thanks.".

then i found the shelves completely stocked. they had zero bags of cement last week. ALL of the checkout lines were open ( a first!) and the cashier smiled too.

im still in shock.


Anonymous said...

I find Home Depot service best during normal business hours. After the contractors morning run and before the after-work home-owners get there you can actually get good service. (Weekends are usually chaos.) When did you go?


Scenic Artisan said...

i go during normal business hours, since i normally go for work.

perhaps i've been unlucky for the past 3 or 4 years its been open.

Scenic Artisan said...

also.. perhaps you didnt notice that i mentioned the one in dc. i have not had as many problems with the DESPOTs outside the district. i've been to nearly all the ones in the metro area.

igotmoxie said...

i should check my reciepts for the exact date, but i had the SAME THING happen to me arround the same time. i was just looking for dowels and three guys asked if i needed help.
i thought it was just 'cause i showered.....