Saturday, November 12, 2005

Seeing art

I did manage to make it to see the Winslow homer and Italian sculpture show at the nga yesterday.

I found it rather amusing that the Italian sculpture from the 1400s was more relevant to my life than the Winslow homer pieces from the late 1800s. Homer's pieces seemed more of a catalog of his time than about life at large, while the humanistic tragedy of Italian renaissance sculpture is more universal, more recognizable. Not to say that I didn't enjoy Homer's pieces. There were a few that I did. Autumn, and 8 bells, most notably.


except in the show, it was an etching of 8 bells, which is far more striking than the painting.

Far better than these two exhibit were the prints of Felix Buhot

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Kelly Anne said...

Oh yeah, the Buhot exhibit was awesome. The Orsanmichele sculptures were magnificent, too. The hoards of old people surrounding them was slightly irking, but with some patience, I got my alone time with Verocchio.