Thursday, November 03, 2005

My last year

Its been an entire year now since I left my job of seven years. I had been the painter/ sculptor for the prop shop of the shakespeare theatre. While it was a perfect job for so long, my last year has been wonderful.

I have worked in a number of peoples houses, and have had rewarding experiences each time. Working directly with people to design their living space and cater my art work to their tastes and needs, has been very enjoyable. I found it immensely more satisfying that theatre, though I do miss working with such great and talented people that the theatre attracts. Not the actors, mind you, nor even the directors. But the craftspeople, designers, carpenters, stitchers, etc.... There is amazing amount of talent in DC theatre. Shame they work for theatre.

In my first year of self employment, I have also re-immersed myself in my art work. While I had exhibited a sampling of my theatre craft at the Montpelier art center last November, I hadn't had my personnal art work on walls since the EPA building Artomatic. Too long ago. I hadn't even created new work since then.

But now I own my time. And I'm thankful everyday for that. I have never really worked harder, or more efficiently. Or had more fulfilling work than I do now.

In this next year, I hope to:

- Create more art work
- have a solo show, and be in many group shows
- continue to develop my skills
- advertise my business, and find more clients
- hire an assistant
- set up at arts festivals
- renovate my bathroom

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segedy said...

That sounds like a great plan. I'm looking forward to seeing your next exhibition (even if it's just your bathroom)!