Saturday, November 12, 2005


I went to the opening of Tim Tate's Caged by History at the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda.

It was Tims best show to date, and that's saying a lot.
Tim creates a very holistic show, with a tight set of messages about growth, change, fear, and acceptance. Despite a few distinct forms; reliquaries, glass hearts, relief panels, the themes and overall aesthetic remain unified. But, really the most striking aspect is the beauty of glass, steel, and concrete.

As with many artists ( and all good ones I've met) Tim talks about process and materials well before he approaches conversation about content. His passion for his materials leads to an interesting conflict, since his material of choice, glass, tends to be associated with Craft, not Art. A silly distinction, in my opinion, but one that leads him to be called a "glass artist", rather than "artist". Have you ever heard of a "paint artist" or a "fiberglass artist"? But how many galleries exhibit art made from glass, and still disassociate themselves from "Craft Galleries"? Not many, but Tim and the Washington Glass School are helping to change that.

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