Friday, November 25, 2005

After thanksgiving. Random thoughts posting

for the first time since i started taking slides, i hired a professional. It was damn expensive to me, but i was extremely happy and impressed with the work. I will probably use him again.

i've seen a lot of movies lately.

Walk the LIne
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Legend of 1900
Born into Brothels
punch drunk love
Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were rabbit
maria full of grace
coffee and cigarettes
the agony and the ecstacy

i'll fill in my thoughts on the movies as i write them down.

today i've got:
- a home depot run for concrete
-feed a friends cats
-run buy the glass school to pick up a tent, to set up a display i can take a picture of, to prove i have a professional display to art festival committees.
- call guys i'm hoping to work for next week to see if they are ready for me. i have only 9 days to do a 15 day project. it'll be a damn busy week.
- clean my damn studio.
- work on a new artist staement and resume.
- work on grant applications


Stef said...

Hey there! Next time I see you guys I'd love to hear what you think about Harry Potter and Walk the Line. This is such a great time of year for movies!

Scenic Artisan said...

i LOVED Harry Potter, and I loved Walk the Line.


also, i really can't wait to see The Chronicles of Narnia.
and i just bought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. $14@ target!