Saturday, November 05, 2005


i've been really fascinated with concrete lately, and have been churning out hundreds of experiments. while i am creating simple uncolored castings for my current series, i have thoughts to color these peices and make them the main part of the piece.

i subscibe to concrete decor magazine

i am feeling like, right now, the home decorative world is fueling my creative interests. so many experiments and creative works are coming from contractors and home improvement peoples.

My first inspiration to delve into the concrete world was by patching a floor. i had a screwed up concrete floor in the shop i was working in. after repairing it, i poured the excess cement in a mold i had sitting around. It came out beautifully.

But my focus rather quickly turned toward the use of concrete in counter tops

beautiful stuff.

there are artists doing some very creative things with concrete as a painting surface too

what i love most about the material is its adaptability and its cost.
its ease of use its pretty exceptional !

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