Monday, February 20, 2006

this week

This week i am lucky enough to spend nearly the whole time in the studio.

i do have a meeting tomorrow for a mural job. If i get the gig, i guess i'll be painting that...

And i have a meeting with a gallerist on friday... so i need to tidy up the studio a bit. (a lot... concrete dust get everywhere)

I have about 50 pieces of one series to show, and at least 50 of another

then there are a few other series.
concrete panels - about 6 pieces
fiberglass/concrete panels- about 4 pieces
painted fiberglass panels- 6 pieces.

i'm working on cataloging all of them.

also this week. there are a few shows to apply for. Interior designers to email about possible faux finishing jobs, finishing the bid for the tree project, and finding more faux finishing gigs. anyone need some nice wall finishes?

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Stef said...

Oh, if only I had walls of my own....

Good luck on all of these - it sounds like you've got several really promising irons in the fire for shows and gigs. I can't wait to be drinking the free wine at your next opening! ;-)