Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was asked why i use lightbulbs.

I began to use lightbulb imagery over 10 years ago when i was painting a depiction of Diogenes. ( here's a story) I had him using an old latern, but then thought to use more comtemporary means of lighting. Thus light bulbs.

After doing this painting called "Whats next Prometheus?" i began to draw a connection between the gift of Fire, and the gift of consciousness. I thought that electricity was a better concept for our synaptical responses and wanted to use lightbulbs, wiring, outlets and plugs as metaphors for this.

i resumed doing sculpture in 2002 and did this piece;

now, my work has no references to the human figure at all. much more minimalist in approach, but i am conceiving my pieces more as a body of work, a series, that i had previously.

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Stef said...

Wow, thanks for the explanation and the history of your work. I love the concept of quest, and the correlation between synapses and electricity. I don't know much about brain chemistry, but whenever I think about "synapses firing" it's hard not to imagine it as some sort of electrical charge or spark. Very cool stuff.

Fun, fun! My word verification: CRFTZ. Crafty!