Friday, February 17, 2006

blake spells out dada for us

here is the gopnik review of the DADA show at the NGA

here's a quote from Blake
The National Gallery of Art is launching one of the most impressive, significant exhibitions in its history.

from Marcel Janco ,one of the originators of Dada
We had lost confidence in our culture. Everything had to be demolished. We would begin again after the "tabula rasa". At the Cabaret Voltaire we began by shocking common sense, public opinion, education, institutions, museums, good taste, in short, the whole prevailing order.

i'm going to try to go with a few fellow artists next week. i'm sure i'll be more enthusiastic about it than i was the cezanne show.

oh.. here's the spelling

also, this piece from the show makes you think:

in comparison to this piece at the hirshhorn:


adrian said...

i thought the exact same thing when i saw the dada review who did the coat hanger at the hirshorn anne hamilton? naw hmmm hilarious

Sean Hennessey said...

it was made by a local artist, and the youngest to ever have a solo show at the hirshhorn Dan Steinhilber.