Monday, February 20, 2006

some shots of what i'm working on

this is one of my newest pieces

another one with reliefcast float glass

heres a small piece

this is a piece where i've embedded concrete as i was casting a fiberglass panel. its very lightwieght but looks like concrete.

the following two pieces are sgraffito in concrete trials. the color in the picture is a bit off.


Anonymous said...

wow. I really like that first one.

Jesse said...

Nice work! I like the way your art is evolving.

Stef said...

I really like those two sgraffito pieces! And your lightbulbs continue to fascinate... What inspired you to make lightbulbs such a frequent part of your work?

Scenic Artisan said...

thanks stef.

my lightbulb imagery stems from my use of Diogenes in some older paintings. He used to walk around athens with a latern looking for a honest man.

I dig some paintings of him, but using lightbulbs. The light bulb became a metaphor of questing. i'll post one of the paintings. I still have it in my living room.