Saturday, February 11, 2006

comments but not a review of chawky and cupidity

I went to the Chawky Frenn Opening at Fraser Gallery and the Cupidity show at Neptune Gallery

Chawky's shows are always almost too amazing for me to comprehend. His talents as a painter and conceptualist are outstanding. His imagery is profound and sometimes haunting. This is the largest show of his that i've seen.

Its quite worth a visit. I feel that Chawky's work is the type of work that continues to give to its viewers, and in fact requires much time to sink in. And apparently the Fraser gallery validates parking in the garage underneath, so there's that.

Cupidity is quite the opposite of chawky's work. Still talented and worth the trip. Here, the talent lies more in the creativity and originality. it is more capricious than the weight of Chawky's subject matter. Pairing artists and writers to react to "I saw you" type ads, Cupity offers very witty pieces in a number different styles.

A print by Kim Bentley stood out for its stark colors and clarity. Also works by Mike Janus, Kirk Waldrof, Matt Sesow , and Scott Brooks stood out to me. Curator and gallery owner Elyse Harrison did a bang up job on this show.
here is a short but real review

lenny writes about the opening here

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