Sunday, April 30, 2006

*TASK* that thing at the Hirshhorn yesterday

Shoofly and I volunteered to help out with TASK yesterday. We took a lot of pictures and will post them later.

It was a lot of fun to volunteer and we both met some very cool people that I hope to see again. Task's creator Oliver Herring was a pretty great guy.

Overall however, I was a bit disappointed by the whole event. At least the "ART", of it.

I've never been a fan of performance art. I'm not a big fan of untrained actors. And while im a huge fan of chaos and absurdity, I prefer it in life rather than in art.

I'll write more when I get the pictures up.. but that prolly wont be today.

I'm hoping to see a client this afternoon, then have a long late lunch with friends and family and I've got a very busy week coming up. I hopefully will start on a Venetian plaster job this week, and I'm hoping to do more moving into my studio.

and the weather's beautiful yo.

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Task Particpant said...

I participated in the Task event at the hirshhorn and am glad to see/hear this feedback. First time I ever did something like this, but was also concerned throughout the day about the "insularity" of the whole experience and whether it had a message for observers--it did, and apparently, it was the one I would have had if I found myself in your position. Great pixs by the way--you have quite an eye.