Thursday, April 13, 2006

high end jobs

i was recently given the opportunity to bid on some very special, somewhat classically themed projects. During my interview, it was stressed on me that quality is more important that cost. this is manna to the artist ears!

So now, i'm busy doing research on beautiful classical adornments for homes. my research is leading me to the Baroque, Rococo, and to some of the more lavish of the renaissance simplicty.

if you have any leads on this you consider drop dead gorgeous, please share!

also, if you want some work, drop me a line! if i get these jobs, i'm gonna need help.


Stef said...

I don't have any leads - except for a really awful episode of "Moving Up" on TLC where some lady wanted her house to look like Versailles so she did metallic stencils in her dining room - but it sounds like a totally cool job! Good luck!

dkvision said...

I would love to help! I have lots -o-experience to share. You can see some of my work here I would love to here from you thatnks!

dkvision said...

whoops! Typo