Saturday, April 15, 2006

hyattsville maryland arts mecca

years ago Angela Blocker crawled up onto the loading dock of the workshop i was working in and introduced herself. Apparently Rhode Island Avenue was going to undergo changes and the Shop i was in was part of these changes. Tucked between the train tracks and Rhode Island avenue are a slew of artists studios. Margaret Boozer is back there, the washington glass school is temping there, and the prop shop of the shakespeare theatr is there.

Angela was part of the Gateway Arts District. or is it this

Part of that planning was responsible for the traffic circle in mount ranier, the artists live/work space and a bunch of other development projects along the way.

The other day i drov past the old lustine car dealership in Hyattsville and was happy to see that work is beginning there on more arts district stuff.

I have been a frequesnter of Franklins for nearly 10 years, when it was just a small deli. now they have the best beer in the area.

Hyattsville is gonna be hopping.


rania said...

Hyattsville is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see all the banners down and the new buildings up!

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