Sunday, April 09, 2006

Opening of Heineman Myers Contemporary Art

Last night i went to the opening of the Heineman Myers Contemporary Art gallery in Bethesda. Congratulations to Zoe Myers for the innagural show of her gallery.

The art on the walls was the photography by Connie Imboden. Elegant and sleek black and white photos all framed the same on auspicious fresh white walls.

The opening was a rather formal affair. Sadly i had forgotten to pick up my Armani from the dry cleaners, and so was a bit underdressed. It definitely had a more polished air than most gallery openings i go to. I knew very few people their but my survey seems to indicate the pressence of very few artists. I showed up with Rania Hassan, Jonathan (a painter from DC, currently getting his BFA at VCU). Two artist/gallerists were there also. F Lennox Campello, and Elyse Harrison

I look forward to seeing more of the artsits that Zoe has assembled.


Erin said...

i wanted to go to this so much! after the artdc meeting, i just couldn't make it back out again once i got back home and walked the sasquatch. i'll have to check it out sometime soon though.

it was good meeting you yesterday, by the way : )

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