Monday, June 04, 2007

Whats been going on?

I havent posted that much lately, but i don't really have a good excuse as to why.

-Artomatic is now over and was a fairly busy event for me. In addition to exhibiting and being there for as many events as i could, i also organized an artists market to set up for three sundays. AOM is an extemely rewarding experience and i would encourage all artists to participate in it when it comes around again.

-I had two weekend workshops that i've recently taught and were quite succesful.

-Rania and i set up at a craft show in baltimore.

-We're doing the Ballston Arts and crafts Market this saturday in Ballston, VA.

-Pile of Craft in Baltimore at the end of the month.

-i've been posting a bunch of art on my gallery. look at my amazing feedback!

- I've moved out of my studio in mount rainier and am currently working out of my house.

- I have a show at Black Rock arts center coming up.
August15- September 7th, with an artists reception on August 18th.

shoot me an email if you want anymore details, of if you are interested in some faux finishing

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