Monday, June 25, 2007

ahh baltimore.

Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
this is from Pile of Craft, the show that rania and i set up at this past saturday in Charles Village.

sooo many people came out. its was a terrific time. the space was gorgeous. the djs rocked it so perfectly my taste. the charm city craft mafia put on a wonderful event.

thanks for everyone that bought my work!


igotmoxie said...

wow- that looks beautiful.

did you know they make a harry potter Wii game?

meghann said...

Yay Sean, it was so nice to meet you and Rania at the show. Hopefully I'll see you around DC sometime! and seriously were the dj's not the best ever?

meghann and jo aprons

Scenic Artisan said...

good to meet you too.

yep those dj's kicked.