Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Mexico : Part 2

Maybe you read my post on my visit to New Mexico, and my post about Arizona.
Well, after the amazing Antelope Canyon, I headed through the 4 corners area and back in New Mexico.

One of the places that really struck with me was Ship Rock.
It hit me as a very unusual spot.
I mean, just look at the bing.com birdseye view image. the place is very strange. and amazing.
It's also part of the Navajo creation story. so, you know, Humans came from that area.

Anyway, i'm obsessed with it.

After Ship Rock, my path was the snowy mountain route to Taos through the Carson National Forest.
Driving into Taos, I was struck by some rather strange looking houses. So fun looking that I tried to drive down one of the streets, but it was marked "Private". now if it was an abandoned site or something i would have wandered in. but i don't want to be gawking around peoples homes unwelcomed, so i drive on. BUT! i saw that they had a visitors center! It turns out it was the Earthship Community. too rad! They are off the grid sustainable houses. interesting technology, interesting materials. the whole thing was wonderful to me. i loved them!

Then motored into Taos.

A beautiful funky little town. an even funkier smaller version of Santa Fe.

It's a beautiful town. 

I serendipitously got a preview of the Taos Film Festival projected on the side of a building. 

 I met a few people that worked at Los Alamos. pretty cool.

Then I hit some more of New Mexico's wonderful wineries.

and finished my NM adventure with a stay at an organic lavender farm/ inn. 

Oh, and i hadn't mentioned this, but when you sign up for Budget car rental frequent renter service, they might just give you a free upgrade

next up: a trip to San Francisco!

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