Thursday, March 26, 2015


After speaking and spending time in New Mexico, I headed to Arizona to speak to the Arizona Glass Alliance in Scottsdale.

Oddly enough, I have a good number of collectors in Arizona. One couple, The Schomers, happened upon my work at an exhibit in DC 2 years ago. They bought a piece of mine at the show. Another couple bought a piece of mine at a show in Detroit. Their glass alliance then visited the Washington Glass School and a few more of my pieces were picked up. Pretty exciting to know a bunch of people this way in another region altogether! This is how I wound up speaking to their group. 

I was hosted by the Hellers, who I knew through Habatat Gallery in Michigan. They have an awesome new house and were terrific hosts! With offers of Margaritas, harvesting Kumquats and fresh orange juice, a crazy fun hotdog place, a cute dog, and fun conversations it was a blast to stay with them. The generosity and support from the Glass community is amazing. The Schomers organized my presentation and showed me their collection and were just absolutely beautiful people to spend time with. 

On the night of my presentation, the the Glass Alliance was also giving a secret award to Fred and Sharon Shomer for their hard work and dedication to the group. This meant a packed house for me!
I had some tech issues, and my presentation started late. and 3/4 of the way through, my computer lost contact with the projector. I though, "oh god, how am i going to entertain these people!" it was pretty hilarious and i guess at the end, no one hated me too much. so all was well.

The Hellers also gave me a quick tour of galleries and artspaces in Scottsdale, and i got to tour the collection of another couple that have a piece of mine. and I visited the Art Tent. a 10 week tented art show. 

It was a super fun time. 

Because of the super cool friend of mine and great artist, Jason Chakravarty, I was in an exhibit in Phoenix at the Circle 6 Gallery and Glassblowing Studio, run by John Longo. 

I visited the show and space and had a fun time in Phoenix, though i really was only there for an afternoon. 

Thus concluded my main reason for visiting the SW. 
BUT! I had another agenda. I knew i wanted to go to a friends wedding in San Francisco, and I also had a good friend that just moved to northern Arizona. I thought i could extend my trip in the SW, and then head to SF without having to fly back and forth another time. 

So after Phoenix, i headed to Cottonwood Arizona to visit Artist and good friend Novie Trump

The drive up included a great pit stop at a small coffee shop with one of the best breakfast sandwiches i've ever had. Man, i do love those Hatch Green Chiles.

Cottonwood is an adorable little town, and Novie found a perfect wonderful special house. an amazing place with views of the Tuzigoot Ruins. Just stunning.

Jerome was at one point, the place where the most copper in the world was mined. then it was a ghost town. nows its a cute little village with wine bars, art studios, and craft stores. all with wonderful views and lots of visitors.
The guy whose studio next to Novie's is an amazing artist.
check out the work of Alan Burr Johnson. he's great.
Novie is awesome. her work is wonderful. her studio is amazing. she's living the dream.

We went on a hike to the magical magical realm of Sedona.

I also got to meet up with my buddy, another fantastic, artist Peter Bremers. also the wonderful Janet Hargus. We had a few, i vaguely recall.

But then i was off again. A breeze through Flagstaff, which was a surprisingly cool town

Then a drive off to the Grand Canyon

Yes, it was great. I even got up before sunrise to see the sunrise over the canyon.
But you know what? After that I went to Antelope Canyon. and that was utterly mesmerizing.
this is what it looks like on top

this is me coming out of the canyon

any way, AMAZING.

Then i went back to new mexico.......

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Sean, you had quite a trip!! I'm a Glass Alliance member and alas I missed your presentation (regular employment is such a drag) but I enjoyed hearing about it from your point of view thru this blog.

Patty Lewis