Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Mexico: Part 1

I recently visited New Mexico and had a fantastic time. It was my first time to the state and I met a bunch of cool people and learned a ton.

My first stop in New Mexico was in Albuquerque and the Gruet Winery. Apparently New Mexico has some of the oldest vineyards in the country. and while I typically don't care for sparkling wines, every wine I tried at Gruet was terrific. If you're in Albuquerque, check it out!

While i loved the wine, that's not why I took the
trip. My reason for going was to do a presentation to the New Mexico Glass Alliance at the William Joseph Galley on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

I had heard Santa Fe was a great art town, but never having been there, I really didn't know what to truly expect. but i LOVED Santa Fe. The Architecture and vibe of the city is totally unique. The chill, relaxed atmosphere and the amazing amount of art was truly amazing. what fun! and so many galleries.

The William and Joseph Gallery graciously hosted my work and talk ( and will even have me continue to exhibit with them!) The New Mexico Glass Alliance was lively, energetic and inquisitive group. You know, for most artists, it's pretty hard to give an elevator pitch about their work. it's a whole life that you have to illustrate to really give a sense of what your work is, and why it is. Being given the opportunity to give a (perhaps too) long talk about my work really is an honor and privilege. You have a fairly captive audience, but you don't want to take advantage of them. i certainly have a fun time talking and get quite into it. thankfully the group was polite and no one boo-ed me off stage. They might have even been entertained!
My hosts Gerald Silverstein and Bob Zimmerman were wonderful people, great hosts, and had a beautiful collection.

I hit a few local restaurants, realized how much i LOVE green chiles and adobe structures, i hiked up a bit of a hill, and wandered around old santa fe. What a beautiful town!

 Some other shots from Santa Fe

chiles everywhere! my kinda place

a broader shot of the William and Joseph Gallery

 Sunset in Santa Fe


 Morning Hike on Sun Mountain

 Where I stayed

 Then I headed West to Arizona.

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Thomas said...

You were right near my home stomping grounds, mister. Glad you enjoyed it.