Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sculptural Glass Tours at Artomatic

Sean Hennessey and Cheryl Derricotte and other sculptors at the Washington Glass School will be giving tours of select glass sculpture at Artomatic every Sunday in June. Meet in the lobby by 2 PM, if interested.
washington glass school @ AOM tour

Join a glass art tour of Artomatic!
Hosted by members of the Washington Glass School, these informative tour guides will lead you directly to all the great glass on exhibit this year! Ever wonder how a piece of glass art was made or what was the artist's motivation? This is your chance to ask and learn. All tours leave from the lobby of Artomatic. Wear comfortable walking shoes and join in the fun!

Tours Dates/Times/Guides:

JUNE 2009

Sunday, June 14 @ 2pm, Sean Hennessey, Cheryl Derricotte and Syl Mathis
Sunday, June 21 @ 2pm, Sean Hennessey, Cheryl Derricotte and Anne Plant
Sunday, June 28 @ 2pm, Sean Hennessey, Cheryl Derricotte and Jim Manning

55 M Street SE
Washington DC


Blake Gopnick said...

what is a "Torus" ?

Scenic Artisan said...

a mere example of my dyslexia.