Friday, April 18, 2008

X LIVE (Electronica + Projections + Art + Fashion + Performance) + YOU = X

Rania will be setting up at X tomorrow night.

The intention behind 'X' was to create a 21st century Live-art "happening". A kick-ass, inspired and inspiring event for all that brought artists out of their personal studios and into a multi-media, live-art environment that would in effect a.) shake up the artist's creative process through the power of a creatively charged environment b.) expose people to various approaches to the creative process and c.) feature forward thinking artistic talent. The essence of the event was symbolized through the equation: LIVE (Electronica + Projections + Art + Fashion + Performance) + YOU = X

6 PM - 10PM
This month's theme is "Green". Receive a reduced cover charge of $5 for incorporating this month's theme into your clothing.

1318 9th Street NW DC 20001
T (202) 232-7450
F (202) 232-7451

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