Tuesday, April 29, 2008

stencils and theatre

works in progress
Originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan
i've been quite busy lately working on some pieces for the Folger Theatre.

Oddly, after 3.5 years ( feels like a lifetime...) of not setting foot in a theatre, i've managed to find myself working on TWO plays at the same time.

it might be a while before i do this again.....

anyway, this photo is of a stencil i cut for some folding screens.
its my loose version of Whistlers Peacocks from The Peacock Room

apparently a production at woolly mammoth that i consulted on won a helen hayes award yesterday too.


goodnevilguy said...

Was doing a little word searching and came across your blog on Blogger. Have read a few of your posts which I found to be interesting for someone from a small NC community that has never been exposed to much fine art. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with an internationally known sculptor who I have done some castings and mold making services for and work with a Oscar Award winning special effects artist on a continual basis. What I found to be most interesting was the sculptors group that you all have. I have considered trying to start one here but it would be a monumental challenge. I have clients in the Raleigh area that are involved in groups like that but are too far of a drive for me. I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have that would aid me in spreading interest in the discipline of sculpture. Check out my website at www.snarlingcrow.com and my blog at www. snarlingcrow.blogspot.com whenever you get a chance.

Scenic Artisan said...

at this point in time i would start a group using internet social networking tools.
flickr. facebook, or ning.com

they might be very useful to you.

here in dc, a guy started this:
Http://www.artdc.org which has been a great grassroots tool.

the sculptors group i'm in started 25 years ago during very different times. DC has lots of sculptors, but few venues to show.there was also the emphasis on a different type of professionalism at the time.