Thursday, June 01, 2006

public drunkeness and acceptability.

This is a monument to a "derelict" person:

I found it here. apparently its in Oslo.

There are things in motion in my hood to repeal some liquor store licenses
look here

A main concern is loitering, public drunkeness, and litter.

Soon there will be some middle to upper middle class establishments in the hood. here and here.

Surely we will see a lot fewer public parties at the bus stop and outside local liquor stores. These are the types of public drinking that the community at large doesnt want. The established watering holes are by and large accepted. ( some cases excepted)

Can we, or ought we build a memorial to demise of the types of parties that have made this area notorious in the past?

Bronze recliner chairs, anyone?

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Reya Mellicker said...

Will you miss the par-tays? If so then you should definitely build a memorial. It's interesting to imagine what you would construct.

I see fewer and fewer drug deals and almost no stumbling drunk people around here anymore, a huge relief, though I also feel guilty because I know they've been pushed out of newly posh Lincoln Park. Despite the guilt, I'm happy not to see the drug parties. I find those encounters scary.