Thursday, March 16, 2006

martin luther king library. eyesore?

yes, definitely. we need a new library. it is SHAMEFUL to consider anything else. Let us build a new library in the old convention center and revitalize the use of libraries in this city. update. modernize.

Then after we build this new library, lets turn the "old" MLK into a city funded multidisciplinary ARTS CENTER.

Being across the street from the soon to be reopened American Art Museum it is in a wonderful location to serve the needs of dc residents and for that of tourists craving art...dc art.

DC has NO PUBLIC ART CENTER. we have a golf course, gyms, rec centers, libraries, a future publically funded baseball stadium, parks, bulk trash removal, but no art center.

Isn't it time we had an arts center?

read the post aricle about the MLK

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