Tuesday, March 21, 2006

general goings on.

last two weeks i havent hit the studio that much. i taught a class at the arlington arts center, i was working on a display backdrop, and working on my website (so close to done). i did a bit of concrete casting.. maybe six pieces.. but they arent done yet. I showed my work to a few gallery owners and am still looking for exhibit possibilities and the right gallery for me.

I'm back into applying for stuff mode. I sent off ten or so applications in january and need to refill that quota, i think. theres the open call from Fraser gallery, the trawick prize, the arlington arts center open show, and the blackrock center that i'm applying for.

the constant marketing is not something that is entriely appealing about working in art. while i love talking about my art and showing my portfolio of art works and faux finishes, its the paperwork that drives me batty. its that showing your art porfolio often costs money! 15- 40 dollars in application fees. crazy.

today has been mostly bookkeeping and looking up shows and general business housekeeping. i do need to find some walls for all the pieces i've got!

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