Sunday, December 18, 2005

Art Lounge of Beirut, Lebanon

While the title of the shown "Blown Up" is an apt description of the technique to create these rather large photographs, the obvious alternate meaning suggests content laced with meaning. That suggestion is empty, however powerful it might have been in a city that has lately been plagued with explosions.
Close ups of the female body, some portraits, and city scapes in black and white were a nice but unponderous background for the black and white decor of the rooms in this out of the way, run down hood in beirut.
Most interesting was my first yet small exposure to a counter culture in Lebanon. In a city where crafts are highly appreciated ( if undervalued) art is not. Philosophies of art take the back burner to the more immediate issues of politics and religion.
In its sublime industrial setting, The Art Lounge is an oasis from the over design high end parts of Downtown and Monot.

if and when i find the url for the artist and the lounge i'll post it.

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