Thursday, July 28, 2005

Visual Music at the Hirshorn

Exhibit Info

i went to see this exhibit the other day. I was overwhelmingly disappointed.I guess for one, im not a fan of art inspired by art. even if different media. the concept of it i find questionable, and its execution is often poor. Also, this exhibit included early works of film and video pieces. some computer based stuff. I found it very dull. It got me theorizing to myself that perhaps technological based art is usually not at its best (albeit original) in its infancy. though i'm still working this idea out in my mind, it seems that a tradition of craft needs to be established in any medium, before the realization of an art form may blossom.

So at least this exhibit made me think of that.
Also, no trip to the hirshorn is complete for me anymore unless i visit "the big boy", by Ron Mueck.

still disconcerting.


me said...

really?... yours is the first non-gushing review i've heard. did the whole thing just hit you as sterile/soul-less?

beth b, said...

while i liked the kandinsky's....the whole light/music thing i thought was really unengaging.

or maybe it was because i wasn't chemically altered.
that's really the only way i could imagine someone being truly into that exhibit.

Anonymous said...

My darling Sean, I, of course, have no idea what this exhibit is but I find the naked fat man overwhelmingly shrekish looking.
Art, like beauty, probably is truly in the eyes of the beholder.
Personally, I would like information regarding your two lovely kitten/cats. Love always, mom