Saturday, January 10, 2015

Exhibitions in 2015

Heres a rundown of some of my exhibitions/projects for 2015 so far. 

ArtDC Gallery
I've shown at the ArtDC Gallery a few times. It's run by the DC area artist and arts promoter Jesse Cohen. I met Jesse years ago after he had started a web discussion forum and gallery that brought hundreds of DC artists together. I'm still friends with many of the artists I met through that site. ArtDC gallery is in the heart of the arts district in Hyattsville, Maryland, just up the street from my studio. I was fortunate enough to receive the Bowling Pin of Excellence at the the gallery. the PBOE award is just one of the many, fun, creative, and zany projects orchestrated by the super genius and uncategorizable artist Roger Cutler.

#WeTweetArt 3.0
ArtDC Gallery
Saturday January 24th 6-9 PM
5710 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, MD

21st Century Glass Exhibition

I was invited to participate in this exhibit by Steve Durow. A masterful mindful sculptor of glass and steel. check out Steve's work. I think its great. Tim Tate and I went out to Salisbury University last year to give a talk and demo in their Art Department. Steve has really developed a strong sculpture and glass program. 
It's always an honor to exhibit
when someone you respects requests your work. And it's always an honor to exhibit work at a university for students to hopefully be inspired to move forward. 

Opening: February 20th
Salisbury University
109 Fulton Hall
Salisbury, MD

Glass Exhibit in Phoenix
I was invited by my friend and awesome glass artist Jason Chakravarty to exhibit with a number of artists in Phoenix. Jason's absolutely a cool guy and I really love his work, so it sounds like a great opportunity. I'll also be out in Phoenix at the same time giving a talk to the Arizona Glass Alliance. Fun!  I knew of Jason's work from various exhibits and such, but met him in person a few years back at Duncan McClennan Gallery in St Petersburg Florida. He was exhibiting and doing a demo with another great artist and guy Eoin Breadon. It's really warming how connected the glass world is. If you're in the Phoenix area, please come check this out. 

Opening March 1
March 1- May 29
Circle 6 Gallery
1424 East Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

Teapots Invitational

The Teapot Exhibit at Morgan Contemporary is a pretty famous annual exhibit in my circle. A fun assortment of teapots and interpretations of teapots. And it's in Pittsburgh, a city I LOVE. I definitely have a thing for rustbelt cities. and Pittsburgh is great. Churchworks Brewery, The Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum, and of course, the awesome Pittsburgh Glass Center. 
I met Amy Morgan, owner of the gallery at SOFA Chicago last year and was invited to participate after she saw my work. Pretty Exciting!

Opening April 4th
5833 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA

Habatat International Invitational

I'm very excited to again be participating in this crazy fantastic show. If you like art made with glass, this is about the best exhibit I can think of. A wonderful and large gallery filled with glass art made by some of the best artists in the world. AND I'M SHOWING THERE! WHAAAAAAT? I know. It's crazy. This is the same gallery that took me to SOFA Chicago last year. They are also the reason I'll be heading to Santa Fe and Scottsdale this year. Maybe they'll also choose me to go to some other art fairs........ hint hint....... ahem.... hint. This is such a special opening because the festivities are over days, not just an evening with cheese and wine. This gallery DOES IT UP! They organize tours of collectors homes, dinners, and do a wonderful job of creating a gathering of artists, gallarists, and collectors, letting of of us get to know one another.  

43rd Habatat International Invitational.
Vip Preview Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 23-24-25 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Grand Opening 8:00 onSaturday April 25th 
VIP Available
Habatat Gallery
4400 Fernlee Avenue
Royal Oak, MI

Rhythms of Glass

I was invited to participate in this glass survey exhibition by the fabulous artist Liz Mears. It's a pleasure to exhibit in SW Virginia also. I went to high school in that region and began my professional career down in that neck of the woods at the Barter Theatre.  I exhibited in Blacksburg one time, a loooong ass time ago. and a few times in Abingdon Virginia, including the Virginia Highlands Festival. Plus i'll get to go visit the Floyd Country Store

Opening: May 30, 2015.
May 30 to July 25, 2015
Jacksonville Art Center
220 Parkway Lane South, Floyd, VA
Floyd, Va

Other things in the work:

- A collaboration with Dan Van Hoozer, a great mind and great friend, with whom I worked on one of my favorite pieces ever, The Tree Project. We're hoping to put together a piece on love and time in Durham, North Carolina later this year. 

- The Otis Street Arts Project. big big news for me. Lots of stuff to say about this. Many posts forthcoming. Check us out on the facebook.

- I'm hoping to have some work exhibited in Asheville, NC this summer during an annual glass collectors tour. 

- A 2-person exhibit with Laurie Brown at the Washington Glass School.

- An exhibition at the Cafritz Foundation Center in Silver Spring in the fall. Curated by Claudia Rousseau, Ph. D.

- A presentation in Santa Fe to the New Mexico Glass Alliance

- I hope to once again have my work at SOFA Chicago.

- If there's a way, I'd love to have my work down in Miami for Art Basel Week. 

I hope to see you at some of my events. If we've never met, introduce yourself!
And if you have fantastic opportunities, want to commission a piece, want to own a piece, or just want to give me money to help me continue to exist, give me a holler.

May you all have a wonderful 2015!

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Stef said...

Cool stuff. Pittsburgh is one of my favorite towns too! If you post it on FB I'll repost and share with a bunch of my Pittsburgh friends to encourage them to go. Have fun!